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Introduction to Redbox

Redbox is a platform for eCommerce Marketplaces. We provide a suite of apps which enable your customers to quickly place orders, and your chosen businesses to smoothly fulfil those orders. If you would like to run your own delivery network we also integrate with dispatch apps too.

Redbox Terminology

  • Redbox is the platform, and anyone working with us and using the platform is a partner.

  • Partners run their own regional or national marketplaces through the platform, and each partner can have multiple regional marketplaces that cover separate geographical regions or a single national marketplace.

The Redbox Platform

  • Branded Mobile App - This is where your customers can browse your businesses, view products or menus and place orders online.

  • Branded Website - This offers the same functionality as the app but via a browser.

  • Management Portal - This is where you set up your businesses, add their products or menus, and where you can view all your orders and reports.

  • Business Terminals - These terminals enable your businesses to admin their orders and print receipts. Businesses can use a virtual terminal within the management portal if they do not require a physical terminal. We support various models of Sunmi terminals.

  • Delivery Integrations - We currently integrate with Stuart, and additional integrations with other delivery platforms are to be announced.

  • Payments - All our payments are processed through Paybox. Paybox is a payment processing system built for Platform as a Service. Paybox processes every successful Redbox payment and distributes the funds to the balances of the Paybox accounts associated with the order. Once a week the account balances are settled and paid out to a nominated bank account.

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