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Stuart Integration

Stuart is a delivery network of couriers delivering by bike, moped and car. Redbox has integrated with Stuart, which means deliveries can be booked automatically with Stuart when a customer places an order. Redbox offers two ways of integrating Stuart with your marketplace. We also provide some different ways to subsidise your delivery costs and options for who your Stuart delivery charges are paid to.

How Stuart works with Redbox

  • You integrate your marketplace with one central Stuart account, or you can integrate individual Stuart accounts separately into each of your outlets.

  • The customer builds a basket and Redbox gets the delivery price from Stuart based on the customer's delivery address and your outlet pickup address. Before checkout, we use a fallback cost you set on each outlet to display a “delivery from” price.

  • A marketplace can choose to subsidise the delivery price, or the outlet can subsidise this price if you are using individual Stuart accounts for each outlet. The price shown at checkout and paid by the customer will be the cost from Stuart minus the subsidy.

  • The customer checks out their order and pays the delivery cost (minus any subsidy).

  • The order is then sent to the outlet to be accepted, the outlet can choose to add time if they need to when they accept the order. If the outlet rejects the order no Stuart booking is made.

  • If Redbox is unable to book delivery with Stuart the order is rejected, being unable to book delivery is rare.

  • If the order is accepted Redbox books the delivery with Stuart, at this point the card associated with the Stuart account is charged for the delivery.

  • Once delivery is booked the order acceptance process is completed and the terminal prints the receipt. For Stuart orders, the time shown on the terminal is the pickup time, and this time is also clearly shown on the receipt.

  • The outlet then prepares the order ready for pickup, and the rider arrives at the outlet at the pickup time. The status of the Stuart rider can be seen on the terminal and in management.

  • When the order has been picked up by Stuart this triggers the order ready status and the customer is informed that their order is ready for delivery. Outlets can mark a Stuart delivery order ready, but this does not trigger the ready notification.

  • If the Stuart order is delayed on the way to drop off by more than five minutes, the customer receives a delivery time updated notification.

  • Once Stuart has completed delivery the order is updated to the Completed status. Outlets do not complete Stuart delivery orders themselves.

Subsidising Delivery

If you would like to subsidise the price of your Stuart delivery you can choose a subsidy value when you setup your integration. How this is setup who the remaining delivery costs will be paid out to:

Funding Setup Option

Pay Delivery Charge to

Marketplace Delivery Network Type

Subsidy Setting

A single Marketplace Stuart account is used for all outlets, with a payment card attached to fund delivery. A subsidy it set on the Marketplace, and the Markeyplace is receiving the delivery cost minus the subsidy in their payout. This results in the Marketplace paying the subsidy from the card attached to their Stuart account. Marketplaces using this model usually charge outlets using Stuart an increased commission charge to help cover this subsidy.



Subsidy value is set on the Marketplace Delivery Network settings.

Each Outlet has its own Stuart account with their own payment card attached to fund delivery. A subsidy is set on the Outlet, and the Outlet is receiving the delivery cost minus the subsidy in their payout. This results in the Outlet is paying the subsidy from the card attached to their Stuart account.



Subsidy value is set on the Outlet Delivery settings.

Any subsidy to set is deducted from the cost of delivery that the customer pays, but the full cost of delivery is charged to the card attached to the Stuart account. For example:

  • A subsidy is set to £3.00

  • Full Stuart delivery cost is £5.50

  • The customer pays £2.50 delivery (£5.50 - 3.00 = £2.50)

  • Delivery charge of £2.50 is paid to either the marketplace or the outlet in the payout

  • Marketplace or outlet funds the £3.00 subsidy, as the full Stuart charge is £5.50

Migrating from Multiple Stuart Accounts to a Single Marketplace Account

If you are currently using individual Stuart accounts and would like to migrate to using a single Marketplace Stuart account you will need to plan this carefully. All Stuart accounts will need to be removed from existing outlets and your marketplace delivery network used for mapping updated to a booking account and then attached again to all your outlets. While you are rebuilding your delivery network integration you will be unable to accept any orders for outlets using Stuart delivery. You should also ensure your marketplace has no current Stuart bookings running before you make this change. You can manage this by deactivating your outlets till all your Stuart orders have been completed, and reactivating the outlets as you restore their Stuart delivery networks.

It is important to remove your Stuart integration from your outlets before you switch to a mapping account, and then rebuild Stuart for all your outlets. Do not change to a booking account while Stuart is attached to your outlets.

Order Process and Communication

  • When an order arrives at your terminal and you ACCEPT the order Redbox will attempt to book your Stuart delivery. If delivery cannot be booked (very rare!) the order will be rejected.

  • If you REJECT an order, no delivery will be booked.

  • Pickup will be booked for the current time plus your outlet prep time to give you time to make the order, this pickup time is shown on your terminal.

  • You can see the status of your Stuart delivery on your terminal, in the Management Portal and on your Stuart account.

  • You can also see the Stuart tracking link and Stuart dashboard link in management on the order details.

  • You can CANCEL an order, but only if a Stuart courier has not been assigned to your delivery yet.

  • You should mark the order READY when your prep is complete, which will be the same time as pick-up is booked. The customer will be told their order is ready for delivery.

  • (warning) If you mark an order READY early this will not bring the Stuart booking forward, as this is not possible with the Stuart integration.

  • (warning) You cannot add time to a Stuart order, if you think you need more time you should add time when you accept the order.

  • When Stuart completes your delivery the order will be marked COMPLETE, the customer will receive the order complete email and the order will go from your terminal.

  • Every Stuart courier has access to the pickup (your outlet) and drop-off (the customer) address and phone number, so they can call you or the customer if they are unable to find you.

Avoiding Delivery and Parcel Issues

  • Orders should be prepared for the pickup time, try not to have the order prepared too early. If you need more time to prepare your orders you should change your prep time on your outlet.

  • Delivery time on your outlet should be at least 20 minutes to allow deliveries via bike over 1.5 miles.

  • If the courier is late, the customer will be informed of a new drop-off time via the 'Your Marketplace' app. Pickup may be late if the weather is poor.

  • Your items should fit in one thermal delivery bag, make sure they are packaged well. What should I do if my parcel is too big for the courier?

  • Couriers will wait a maximum of five minutes for the order to be ready. If you need longer to prepare you should tell the courier you need longer and ask Stuart for a new pickup to be booked and what time it should be booked for. This is called a long pickup.

Stuart and VAT

  • Stuart does not charge VAT on delivery.

  • When Stuart charges your card, they authorise the journey amount plus VAT on your card, but when the journey is completed the delivery charge is captured without VAT.

  • The delivery charge offered to the customer is the Stuart charge without VAT (minus any subsidy you have chosen)

How to contact Stuart

Stuart Customer support is available 365 days a year from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm via chat, just log in to your Stuart dashboard and click on the chat bubble at the bottom.  Please keep in mind you can reach out to the driver directly if you have any questions about where they are/anything else they can answer.  You have the driver contact details (name and phone number) in your Stuart Dashboard (click on "Ongoing" and you will see all your ongoing jobs with drivers' details). Please note that any phone calls to the driver will delay your delivery as it will require them to find a safe place to park.

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