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Virtual Terminal for Business Users

The virtual terminal is an online version of the physical terminal. Enter your outlet name and select the correct outlet to begin using the Virtual Terminal.

Virtual Terminal - when signed in as a business user.

Pending - All pending orders.

In Kitchen - All accepted orders that are currently in progress i.e being prepared.

Ready - All orders which ready for collection/delivery.

Complete - All completed orders.

All - All the orders.

Open or close an outlet using the Virtual Terminal

Clicking the OPEN Close / CLOSED Reopen button, the user can close the outlet until a specific date and time, or reopen an outlet early.

Muting an alarm on Virtual Terminal

Click the cog icon (View Settings), click the Mute Alarms button to deactivate/activate the Alarms on the Virtual Terminal.

Displaying Delivery Windows

Click the cog icon (View Settings), click the Show Delivery Windows button to deactivate/activate the visibility of the Delivery Windows on the Virtual Terminal.

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