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Automatic Rejection of Pending Orders

When a new order is placed by a customer its first status will be PENDING. It will remain in this status until the order is accepted, if it is not accepted in a set period of time the order will be automatically rejected.

Once an order has been accepted and has moved to the PREPARING status it will not automatically reject.

This feature ensures that customers’ orders are not left in the pending status for too long, which would result in a poor customer experience. When an order is automatically rejected the customer is sent an email and a push notification informing them that their order has been rejected, and any authorisation held on the customer's card is cancelled.

When a business is accepting an order they can check the time the order is due. If they have taken a long time to process the order and they are now short on preparation time they should use the Add-Time function to add more time to the order so that they can complete preparation.

You can check the time a pending order is due to reject in order details in management. The time the order will auto-reject is displayed below the delivery window or collection slot:

Example of Auto-Reject

ASAP Orders - 18 minutes after creation

All ASAP orders will be auto-rejected if not accepted within 18 minutes of the order being created (the time the customer placed the order). This also applies to Table Service orders as these are all ASAP orders.

Pre-Orders - 18 minutes before collection or delivery is due

Pre-orders will automatically reject 18 minutes before the order is due for collection or delivery unless this would mean the order would reject before the start of your preparation time. If this is the case then the order will automatically reject 5 minutes after the start of the preparation time.

This means that if you have a preparation time of 15 minutes, a pending pre-order will automatically reject 5 minutes after preparation should have started.

If you have a preparation time of 30 minutes, a pending order will automatically reject 18 minutes before preparation should have ended and the delivery window has begun.

Example of Pre-order Auto-Reject for businesses with a Prep time of 15 minutes:

Example of Auto-Reject for businesses with a Pre Time of 30 minutes:

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