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Order Manager

All your orders can be viewed and managed on the Redbox Management portal. Most businesses will view their orders on a terminal, but marketplace owners can use the order view in Management to see all their orders across their marketplace in detail.

You can also manage your orders in the Management Portal without a terminal, which means you can accept, reject and refund orders from this view. The orders view also shows details of times orders were placed, customers, last order update, payment details and also any delivery network status.

The tabs below are based on Partner Users Access Level, other users may not have access to all of these tabs. See User Access Level for more information.

Orders which are linked to outlets which are associated with the current user will be displayed. By default, displaying orders for today.

Orders Navigation - From the view of the All tab.

All - All the orders.

Pending - All pending orders.

In Progress - All accepted orders that are currently in progress i.e being prepared.

Complete - All completed orders.

Rejected - All rejected orders.

Refund - All refunded orders.

Orders can be filtered by:

  • Time periods - Day, Week or Custom

  • Order number

  • Marketplace

  • Fulfilment

  • Payment

Using the cog, you can enable/disable the following:

  • Mute the page

  • Use exact time

  • Display Delivery Window

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