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Business Financial Settings

Navigating to the Financial Page as a Business User:

Go to Businesses → select a business → Financial


Taxes will allow businesses to enable VAT on their menu items.

Taxes → enable VAT Registered, enter your VAT Number, and click Save.

  • Once ‘VAT Registered’ is enabled, Business Discounts will no longer be available. Redbox currently cannot offer Business Discounts to VAT Registered businesses.

  • VAT Registered businesses will be provided with a VAT breakdown on their Reports. See Reports for more details.

  • VAT Registered businesses will be able to set the VAT content of each menu item.

Minimum Purchase Price

The minimum purchase price is used in conjunction with the ‘Add-On-Sale’ menu.

Minimum Purchase Price → Enable Set Default Minimum Purchase Price Percentage', enter a percentage amount, and click Save.

For each ‘Add-On-Sale’ menu item created after the toggle is enabled, the minimum purchase price will be set according to the percentage entered. For example, if a user sets the Default Minimum Purchase Price at 30%, and creates a new menu item with a Gross Price of £10, the menu item's minimum purchase price will automatically be £7 (Gross Price - Default Minimum Percentage Price (%) = Minimum Percentage Price). This default price can be overridden at any time on the menu item.

‘Add-On-Sale’ Menu

If the ‘Add-on-Sale’ Menus section is greyed out, please contact your marketplace provider to enable this feature for your business.

The ‘Add-On-Sale' Menu is a way to incentivise your customers to increase their order value.

‘Add-On-Sale’ Menus → Enter a figure → click Save.

The price of the Add-On-Sale menu items will be defined according to the figure entered, the basket will be rounded up to this figure and add-on-items will be offered according to the current basket total and the rounded basket total.

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