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Business Member Discounts (Members)

A Member Discount is offered by a business across all their outlets, this is offered to an individual customer. They can be offered a percentage discount on every order, this will be applied automatically. The customer will receive an email with an invitation to accept the discount.

Navigating to Member Discounts as a Business User:

Go to Businesses → select a business → Members

In order to use this discount, please check with your marketplace provider that the Message Template ‘Invite to Discount’ has been set up. Without this, a member discount invite email cannot be sent.

Adding a New Member

Click ‘Invite Member’, and add the require information as follows:

  • Discount Name

  • Customer Email

  • Customer Name

  • Discount Percentage

Click ‘Send Invite'.

The customer will receive an email inviting them to accept the member discount.

Deleting a Member

Click the Member Discount Name, this will open the Edit Member Discount screen, click Delete.

  • This discount only applies to customers when they register or login with the email address invited and place an order for this specific business.

  • The discount will follow the same logic as with other discounts, only the largest discount will apply. For example if the business is running a discount that’s higher than the member discount, the member discount won’t apply.

  • These discounts do not apply to specific days or menus, they are just a single percentage discount that apply to all basket items (not add-on sale items, delivery or service charge).

  • One customer (email address) on one marketplace can have different member discounts at different businesses

  • Once the customer accepts the discount, opens it in a browser and creates an account or login to their account, they can go on the app and the discount will apply to their orders with that business.

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