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Business Onboarding

When you enable Onboarding on your website, business owners can visit your website and submit their applications to be part of your marketplace. They will be requested to fill in a form with their details, and you will be able to manage all applications in Redbox.

Enabling Onboarding on the Marketplace

To enable onboarding, navigate to Marketplace → Details → Under features → enabled Onboarding

Setting up Onboarding

There are two ways in which business users can navigate to the onboarding page. The first is to activate the Recruit Business Panel which will be available on the home page or to add a URL to the header or the footer of the website.

Using the Banner on the home page:

  • Navigate to the Marketplace → Website → Homepage → enabled Recruit Business Panel

Adding a URL to the header or footer”

  • Navigate to the Marketplace → Website → Homepage → enabled Recruit Business Panel → On your ordering website, Go to the Sign Up Your Business page → Copy the URL → In management, go to your Marketplace → Website → Under either the Header or Footer links, click ‘Add Header Link’ or ‘Add Footer Link' → Add a title and paste the copied URL → disable ‘Recruit Business Panel’

Editing the Onboarding Form

Once the feature is enabled, you will be able to edit the content that will appear on the Onboarding form.

  • Go to your Marketplace → Details page

  • Scroll down and edit the text under Onboarding

How it works

  • Go to the website, scroll down, the business will need to click 'Sign up your Business' or locate the Header or Footer URL

  • They will be taken to a new page on Redbox management to fill out the onboarding form.

  • Once the form has been submitted, the marketplace Business Owner will receive an email - they will need to login to management in order to approve or deny the business.

  • You won’t be able to search for the business in management until you approve it.

  • If approved, the business will receive an invite email to setup their Redbox user, these users will always have Business user permissions.

  • Once the business signs up into Management, they will be able to access Redbox management, but won’t be able to edit/view their business details.

  • The marketplace owner or partner will be able to edit any details they want - as usual, i.e. financials and activate/deactivate the business.

  • If denied, the business will receive an email that their request has been denied.

  • To view the Onboarding list navigate to the Businesses → Onboarding tab, this list can be filtered by marketplace.

User Permissions for Business Users

  • Not able to activate/deactivate their business

  • No access to any other pages across management

  • Not able to login and edit their business details 

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