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Introduction to Terminals

Terminals are a way for outlets to receive and manage their orders. From the terminal, the outlet will not only manage their orders but also manage their menus, manually update their opening status, view and print daily reports and much more.

Before an outlet can begin to use a terminal, there are a few steps which need to be completed.

Set up your Sunmi Partner Account

If you do not yet have a Sunmi Partner Account, please see our Setting up your Sunmi Partners Account guide for more information. Alternatively, proceed to the next step.

Activating a New Terminal

  1. Ensure the terminal has been gifted to your account (for primary accounts) or bound to your sub-account. If you have a Sunmi sub-account you must tell us the serial numbers of your terminals before you activate them, so we can accept them and bind them to your sub-account.

  2. Turn on the terminal and follow the on-screen steps. If you see a screen about activating your terminal, accept this screen. If you see a screen with a form about registering your terminal, you can skip this screen, as your terminal should already be registered to your account.

  3. The terminal will download the Redbox App automatically, and load the app in kiosk mode, ready for you to enter the Redbox Pin.

Kiosk Mode

As the Redbox Restaurant app is set as the default app for Kiosk mode, then when the terminal turns on it will load the Redbox app and the status bar will not be visible. Users will not be able to exit the Redbox app, or access the desktop. To exit kiosk mode on a terminal follow these steps:

  1. Hold the power button

  2. Tap ‘Exit Kiosk’ in the top right of the screen

  3. Enter the Kiosk pin

Terminal Remote Management

You can access your terminals remotely using Sunmi remote access. Always ensure remote access is set to unattended on your terminals, before installing the terminal at a business, by following these steps:

  1. Make sure the terminal has a wifi connection

  2. Open the remote assistance app on the terminal

  3. Turn on the toggle on the app to ‘unattend’

  4. Wait for the toggle to remain on before exiting the remote access app

Terminals with the remote access set to unattended on will show a padlock with a key next to them in the Remote Management list in your Sunmi Partners account. You can also add a note to each terminal, it is useful to add the name of the business the terminal is assigned to here, so you can search for terminals using this tag.

The ‘more’ menu next to each terminal allows you to remote into each of your terminals, and also view other important information. If the green dot next to the terminal is grey, the terminal is off or has no network connectivity, so you will be unable to remote into the terminal.

You should ensure that Remote Access is working correctly on your terminal before issuing it to a Business. When installing a new terminal at a Business you will need to exit Kiosk mode and change the wifi over to the business's wifi to ensure it has connectivity, open the Settings app on the terminal and navigate to Wifi to change the settings.

Purchasing Terminals

We suggest buying terminals from either Android EPOS or Varlink. If you are using a Sunmi sub-account, please request the seller to gift the terminals to the Redbox Partner Account. If you are using your own Sunmi Parner Account, please request the seller to gift the terminals to your Partner Account.

We do not suggest buying second hand terminals, however, if you do, please contact your product specialist for further support.

When purchasing terminals from a seller, they will need to be friends with the Partner Account which they will be gifting the terminal to. Our Redbox Sumni Partner account friend code is 5D4AB21C3AB4E 

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