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This article describes the new features and fixes that are in each of our Redbox kiosk development and maintenance releases. These releases include updates to the kiosk app and database updates. They do not include updates to the server, terminal or mobile apps.

11.0.0 Kiosk 7 Feb, 2023



  • Kiosk receipts now print a friendly order number alongside the longer full order number. This number is also displayed to the customer on the kiosk after they have paid. This order starts at order number one each day.

  • The kiosk now displays a grid view of the main menus, and you can add an image to each of these menus to help customers navigate the menus.

  • Once a customer has chosen a menu to start their order from, all other menus now display in a menu in the header, you can swipe this menu to navigate and the menu jumps to the selected menu when tapped.

  • The kiosk now displays images for menu options, and these images also display at checkout.

  • A default image has been added for any menu options that do not have an image.

  • A cancel order button has been added which quickly clears the basket for the next customer, in case a customer started an order and then abandoned the kiosk.

  • The Kiosk now automatically connects to the payment terminal when the app is restarted.

1.0.0 Kiosk 1 Oct, 2022


Initial Release

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