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Redbox Billing

Redbox add-on features are charged as a subscription, to pay for these subscriptions you will need to set up a direct debit in Redbox and subscribe to the features you would like to use. We can also use Redbox Billing to charge you ad-hoc fees, with your prior agreement.

Setting up your direct debit

To set up your direct debit login to Redbox Management and navigate to your Marketplace > Billing and select Setup Direct Debit to set up your direct debit online.

You will need to enter the following information to set up your direct debit:

  • Sort code

  • Account number

  • Name on account

  • Billing address

You will receive an email in a couple of days confirming your direct debit is set up.

Choosing your subscriptions

Once your direct debit is set up you can choose the subscriptions you require from the Billing page.

Pricing for each of these features is available on Most Redbox subscriptions are based on usage and are billed monthly based on your total usage or highest usage that month.

Viewing your billing estimate and invoices

Your previous invoices and next estimated bill can be viewed on the billing page, and each invoice will be emailed to you. Payment for each invoice will be taken automatically via your direct debit.

Invoices are raised monthly on the first of the month. Three days before your Direct Debit is collected you will receive an email informing you how much is due to be collected from your account and the date of collection.

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