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The navigation icons below are based on Partner User Access Level, other users may not have access to all of these icons. See User Access Level for more information.

All marketplaces are setup and managed on the Redbox Management Portal. If you have multiple Marketplaces they can all be accessed from the Marketplace section in the main navigation, just click on the marketplace you would like to edit.

Clicking into a marketplace will allow you to configure your marketplace settings. You will have the following tabs available to you:

Marketplaces - an overview of the marketplace


All the marketplace details such as contact information can be updated from here. The following configurations can also be edited/enabled/disabled from here:


All the marketplace financial settings can be configured here, including the following:

  • Marketplace Commissions
    The commissions which the marketplace will charge the businesses and customer service changes.

  • Paybox Setup
    The automated payment processing system which splits payouts.

  • Business Invoicing
    Customisation of business invoicing, sent every Monday.

  • Taxes
    VAT settings for the marketplace

  • Payment Methods (Cash or Card options)

Delivery Networks

Define and configure delivery networks.

Delivery Zones

Define the delivery zones within the overall zone (see Map). This allows the outlets to choose a delivery zone and set a delivery charge.


The overall zone which the marketplace operates within.

Discount Codes

Create discount codes which can be used for specific outlets or across the marketplace.


Define the transactional message templates which will be received by your customers.

Email Theme

Define the look of all emails sent via the Redbox Management System, i.e transactional emails, messaging emails etc.


Define the wording and the branding used on the website. The following configurations can also be enabled/disabled from here:

  • FAQ and Support
    Displays a help section on the website, made up of the support questions and answers set in the Redbox Management Portal.

  • Recruit Business
    Displays the recruit business panel on the websites home page.

  • Promote Business
    Displays featured outlets panel on the websites home page.

  • Advanced Location Services
    When enabled, the advanced location services search panel will replace the postcode search panel.

  • Allow Registration - Pending Paybox/Stripe connection

  • Allow Login - Pending Paybox/Stripe connection

  • Allow Ordering - Pending Paybox/Stripe connection


Define the FAQ section of your website if it is enabled (see website).

Define the following Legal Documents:

  • Terms and Conditions

  • Privacy Policy

  • Cookie Policy

  • Misc Policy

  • Allergy Policy

Once the above documents have been set up, they will be visible to the customer on the marketplace websites, apps and email correspondence.


View a list of previous app build and send new app builds to App Center for testing, or to Apple and Google Stores for manual submission. The following configurations for the app can be enabled/disabled from here:

  • Reorder
    Allows the customer to use the reorder button on a individual order.

  • Search Bar
    Allows the customer to search using the outlet or category name.

  • Confirm Address at Checkout
    Requests the user to confirm the selected address prior to completing the order

  • Hide Categories Bar
    Removes the categories bar from the outlet list view.

  • Menu Item Options Picker Display (List or Paginated)
    A choice of how the menu items options picker will be displayed.

  • Outlet Menu Display (List or Image List)
    A choice of how the menu items images will display.

  • App Update Prompt
    A prompt which will notify the user to update the app.


A list of the various users associated with this marketplace. Here you can edit and delete existing users and also invite new users.


A list of all the marketplaces blacklisted addresses. Here you can delete and add new blacklisted addresses.


The DNS configuration status and the required information to set up the Website, Emails and the in-house Messaging System.

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