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Marketplace Details

How to locate Marketplace Details - Redbox → Marketplaces → Select a Marketplace → Details

The Marketplace details tab holds the company details for the marketplace, it will also allow you to set up various features which will help to configure your ordering website and app according to your marketplace requirements.

Allow preorders up to 31 days

By default days offered for preorders are set to 5 days in advance but you can extend this to 31 days in advance to support other e-commerce models. Note that all orders must be accepted within 5 days, so that the card authorisation is not lost.

How to enable Allow Preorders up to 31 days

Navigate to the marketplaces → Details → Features → Allow preorders up to 31 days

  • If enabled in marketplace settings, you can select up to 31 days on 'Days offered' in the 'Fulfilment Times' side box of an outlet details page.

  • If not enabled in marketplace settings you can only select up to 5 days in the Days Offered slider on the outlet settings.

Days Offered slider on Outlet settings

Single Item Order Notes

Single Item Order Notes allow customers to add individual order notes to specific menu items.

How to enable Single Item Order Notes

Navigate to the marketplaces → Details → Features → Single Order Item Notes

Outlet Opening Status Wording

This feature is only available for the ordering website 2.0 and mobile app v5+

Navigate to the marketplaces → Details → Settings → Business Type, when Restaurant is selected the Outlet Opening Status Wording selection will be visible.

Restaurant marketplaces can display ‘Open, Preorder and Closed’ or ‘Order, Preorder and View’ as opening statuses on the ordering website. This wording will be displayed on the opening status button on the outlet cards on the home page and outlet list.

Categories Management

Only users with a Partner access level will be able to manage marketplace categories.

Category emoji/images are currently only displayed on apps.

Each of your businesses on Redbox can be assigned categories which your users can select to filter your business list. For example a takeaway may have the categories Burgers, BBQ, Desserts and Drinks. This means a user can filter the outlet list to Burgers and see all the outlets that offer this category. If your marketplace is limited to a certain type of businesses, you can limit the categories available to be assigned in management.

Here is an example of a takeaway marketplace using emoji categories:

Example of a takeaways emoji's

We can set up any categories your marketplace needs for you, and if your marketplace is unique you may wish to use images instead of categories for your marketplace. Here is an example of a beer marketplace with custom categories and images:

Example of a breweries emoji's

Set Up Categories for Your Marketplace

These settings on the marketplace can determine how the categories display on the app and which categories can be used on the marketplace’s businesses.

Select Display Type

  • Go to marketplace → Details page → Categories

  • Under Display Type, you can choose Image or Emoji

  • Regardless of what display type you choose, you will get a popup message - ‘'NOTE: If any categories don't contain the selected display type, a default one will be used’'

The app will use 📦 for business type and 🍽️ for restaurant type as a default if there is no image or emoji assigned to your chosen category.

Setup Limit Categories

By enabling the Limit Categories, the marketplace will define which categories will be visible to the business. If the Limit Categories is disabled, the businesses can select from the entire catalogue of categories.

If you have an existing marketplace which has outlets which have already selected from the categories catalogue, after enabling Limit Categories, your team will need to remove each category which is not listed in your limited categories.

Removing the Categories Bar from the App

To remove the categories bar from the app, go to Marketplace → Apps → App Config → Hide Categories.

Categories cannot be removed from the website.

Set Up Categories for Your Business

Selecting categories depends on the above marketplace settings. The business can select from all the categories in the catalogue, unless the marketplace has enabled Limited Categories, in which case the business can only select a limited amount of categories.

To add Categories to the business, go to Business → Details → Categories.


Receipt Logo - This is the image which will appear on the head of every receipt. This image should be in black and white. The dimensions should be up to 734W x 437H.

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