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Website 2.0 Business Segments

Only available for customer ordering Website 2.0 and Mobile App v5.0+

Highlight to customers key outlets and respond to seasonal trends with our business segments. This new feature enables you to curate a list of outlets to entice your customers to discover new businesses and products in your marketplace. You could use these for example to group grocery stores, to highlight ordering trends, or promote outlets offering Christmas offers. These segments are displayed on the home page and outlet list of Website and Mobile App.

As segments take up more real estate on the smaller app screens, you can choose which of your segments will be displayed on the customer ordering clients.

Screenshot 2024-02-06 at 12.18.13.png

Business Segment Ideas

Creating an engaging business segment is a great way to boost traffic to your outlets. This can be done by customising your business segments. You can create multiple segments, and order how outlets will be displayed within the segment on the website/app. Here are some segment ideas to get you started:

  • New on ‘Your Marketplace Name’

  • Only on ‘Your Marketplace Name’

  • Top picks in your neighbourhood

  • Meal Deals

  • Fastest Delivery

  • Offers for you

  • ‘Business Types’ near you - for example, Curry Houses near you

  • Popular Brands

Customising your Segments

You can segment outlets according to a range of factors, such as, by categories, discounts, or opening status. Creating custom segments will help deliver engaging content and encourage traffic to these outlets.

You should set up multiple segments and these segments can be scheduled to allow them to be visible at particular times of the day or week, or only visible for a set time. You can also choose which segments will be displayed on the customer ordering app 5.0+, this is to reduce the number of segments displayed on the app’s outlet list where there is less space available.

How to customise a business segment

Navigate to the Redbox Management Portal → Marketplaces → Select the required Marketplace → Navigate to the Segments tab

  • Select ‘Add Segment’

  • Enter the name of the segment, this name will be displayed as the segment title on the website and app

  • Click Create

  • Open the Segment

  • Set up the segment with the following required variables:

    • Description - This will display below the segment name.

    • Sort by - This is the order in which the outlets will display within the segment.

    • Segment Filters - This will allow the user to refine the outlets which are available within the segment.

    • Segment Schedule - This will allow the user to set the availability of the segment.

  • Choose to display the outlet's discount labels and special offer flags.

  • Choose if this segment should be visible on the app 5.0+

  • Click Save

Each segment can be sorted by distance, collection/delivery time, minimum order or no sorting. You can also show special offer flags and/or discount labels, this can be useful depending on the segment type you are creating i.e. a segment for offers.

Screenshot 2024-02-06 at 14.56.25.png

Segment card displaying a special offer flag (in orange) and a discount (in green)

You can specify the days of the week the segment will be visible, or you can specify if the segment is only available for a range of time. For example, this is useful if your segment is specific to a festive period, i.e. Christmas.

Each segment will require variables to be selected, these will refine the outlets which will populate it, you can select one or multiple variables per segment. The following variables are available to refine the segment:

  • Open Status - Include outlets which are currently open or outlets which are closed.

  • Categories - Outlets which contain or exclude the categories selected.

  • Outlet - Include the specific outlets selected.

  • Discounts - Include or exclude outlets which have discounts.

  • Featured Outlets - Include or exclude featured outlets.

The default business segment only applies to the customer ordering website 2.0. The default featured outlets segment does not display on the ordering apps.

If you do not set up any business segments, your website will display a default segment named ‘Now on [Your Marketplace Name]’, this is made up of all outlets which have been set to be ‘featured’ in the Redbox Management Portal. The default segment will not apply any sorting and will display the outlets in a randomised order, changing each time the page is loaded.

How to populate the default featured-outlets business segment

To populate the default business segment, navigate to the Redbox Management Portal → Businesses → Select the required business → Outlets → Select the required outlet → Details → under Promote, enable ‘Feature on Homepage’ → Click Save. Repeat this process for each of the outlets which you would like to be displayed within the default business segment.

Please provide each of the outlets with the default segment with a cover image, see below ‘How to add a cover image to an outlet’.

Cover Images for Outlets

To create an engaging and eye-catching business segment, your outlets will need to have a cover image, here are a few pointers for a great cover image

  • An image which works well with the business logo.

  • An image which is a good representation of your brand.

  • A clear image, which is not blurry or cropped.

  • An image which is smaller than 1MB in size.

  • An image which is approximately 800 x 800 in size.

How to add a cover image to an outlet

Navigate to the Redbox Management Portal → Businesses → Select a business → Outlets → Select an outlet → Details → Menu → Cover Image, select ‘Browse’ → Add the image → Save.

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