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Setup Guide

You can set up your marketplace to use Paybox and also view all your payouts and the status of your outlets from the Redbox Management Portal.

This guide is for new marketplaces who would like to use Paybox, if you already have customers and have been taking payments using Stripe Standard, your marketplace and customers will need to be migrated manually before you can switch to Paybox. Please contact us before you make ANY financial changes to an existing marketplace.

New Marketplaces: Setting up your Marketplace Paybox Account

The first step for new marketplaces is setting up a Paybox account to receive your marketplace commission and any customer service charges:

Navigate to your marketplace in Redbox Management and select the Financials tab.

Press the button labelled ‘Setup Direct Payments’ on the right of the page.

Direct Payments Setup for Marketplaces in Marketplace > Financials

This will take you to the onboarding page where you can set up your Paybox account for your marketplace.

Paybox onboarding form for Marketplaces

Once this form is completed you will be taken back to Redbox and you will be able to see that your Paybox account is connected to your Marketplace. You can view your Paybox balance using the Dashboard button.

Next turn on Onboarding and Direct Payments using the two toggles, this means the businesses on your marketplace will be able to onboard themselves on Paybox and any payments made through your marketplace will be paid to Paybox account balances.

Direct payment setup in Marketplace > Financials

How to onboard your Businesses

Your business will now be able to onboard themselves onto Paybox so that they can receive payouts to their own account balance. Any business that is onboarded will be able to take orders and receive balance payments.

Your businesses need to complete the Paybox form themselves from the Redbox Management portal. You will need to invite the owner of the business to Redbox as a Business level user with access to their Business on Redbox. Then direct the owner to the Financial tab of their outlet. Here they will see the onboarding button which will load the Paybox form.

Paybox setup for Businesses in Business > Outlet > Financial

Next, your business should complete the Paybox onboarding form, which is similar to the form completed for the Marketplace. This help document explains to your business how to complete the Paybox form.

Paybox onboarding for Businesses

Once a business has onboarded itself it will be able to receive payments to its Paybox account balance and view its Paybox dashboard from Redbox Management. The business Paybox dashboard can also be accessed here, where they can access further details and also make changes to their setup and bank account if needed.

Business Paybox dashboard in Business > Outlet > Financials

When a business onboards itself it will be asked for the details that are needed to set up an initial account, if further verification is required the business will receive an email and SMS asking them to log in to Stripe Express dashboard and add additional details. The Stripe Express dashboard can easily be accessed from Redbox by navigating to Business > Outlet > Financials > Dashboard. This dashboard is secure and the business will receive an access code via SMS.

Stripe Express dashboard

Checking Businesses for payment issues

If a business is not onboarded it will not be able to accept orders on your marketplace, you can check which businesses have completed their onboarding using the outlets list at Businesses > Outlets

Businesses which are onboarded will show a green tick and balance in the payments column, a grey tick indicates that the businesses needs to complete onboarding.

Payments indicator on outlets list

If a business is having an issue receiving payouts you can check if they need to complete any additional verification by checking their Paybox dashboard at Business > Outlet > Financials. The business can complete verification by navigating to their Stripe Express dashboard and completing the missing information, including uploading any identification documents.

Businesses can also change the bank account they receive payments to on the Stripe Express dashboard.

Existing Marketplaces: Migrating your Marketplace to Paybox

If you would like to migrate your marketplace from Stripe Standard to Paybox, this will require you to update your marketplace stripe account and onboard your businesses, but without direct payments enabled.

Before direct payments can be enabled we will need to manually migrate your customers. Please get in touch before you make any changes to your marketplace so that we can schedule the migration. While your migration takes place your marketplace will not be able to take any orders, so this will need careful planning.

Please contact us before you make ANY financial changes to an existing marketplace.

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