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Introduction to Mobile Apps

As of the 30th of June 2022, Apple requires a ‘delete my account’ function to be available on the app, without this Apple will reject your app. Redbox has included this function in all app versions 4.0.0+

In addition to the ordering website, each marketplace will have an ordering app, providing your customers will a facility to order via your marketplace at their fingertips. Each marketplace will be required to follow a number of processes before being able to send the app to the Apple and Google Play Store.

Steps required to begin the app setup process should be completed in the following order:

How the app works

Searching options

The app provides customers with the following 3 ways of searching for outlets:

Delivery to … Enter a postcode - The customer will be displayed a list of businesses which are available for the entered postcode.

Current Location - The customer is required to accept the ‘Location Services’, once accepted, the customer will be displayed with a list of businesses which are available at this location. Not accepting the ‘Location Services’ will require the user to enter a postcode or use the ‘Find Location' option, see below.

Find Location - The customer can use a pinpoint on a map, the customer will then be displayed with a list of businesses which are available at this location.

Outlet List

Outlets will be displayed according to the search option selected above. The customer can choose from the following 3 fulfilment options:

  • Delivery

  • Collection

  • Table - Please check with your marketplace provider if this function is available.

The for each fulfilment types, the outlet list is ordered according to the following:

  • Open and Promoted

  • Open

  • Preorder and Promoted

  • Preorder

  • Opening later and Promoted

  • Opening later

  • Closed

Configurations available

The following configurations can be made to the app:

Update App Prompt - Notifying the customer a later version of the app is available to download

Reordering - Allowing the customer to reorder an order from their order list

Search Bar - Allowing customer to search for a specific cuisine or business

Confirm address at checkout - Request the user to confirm their delivery address before completing the order

Hide categories bar - Remove the categories bar from the outlets page

Menu items options picker style - Choose how your customer view the options menu, List or Paginated

Outlet Menu items display - Choose how your menu item images are displayed, on the menu list or on the pop up window.

See the Configuring Apps guide for more information.

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