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Create Google and Apple API Key

In order for us to import your marketplace and be able to start sending new builds, we will need you to send the Redbox team the Google and Apple Key.

Setup Google Key

  1. Go to

  2. Navigate to Setup on the left side

  3. Select API access

  4. Click Choose a project to link

  5. Agree to the Terms & Conditions

  6. Create a new project

  7. Click Link project

  8. Click Create new service account

  9. Click Go to Google Cloud Platform

  10. Click Create Service Account

  11. Add the details as shown below
    Service account name: Redbox
    Service account description: Redbox App Service Account

  12. Under Grant this service account access to project select Owner under Role

  13. Click Continue

  14. Under Grant users access to this service account

  15. Click Done

  16. Under Actions click the three dots and then select Manage Keys

  17. Click Add Key

  18. Create New Key

  19. Select JSON

  20. Click Create

  21. It will download a file (make sure you don’t delete it)

  22. Go back to Play Console

  23. Click Done

  24. Under Services accounts, click Grant access

  25. Under Account permissions, select Admin

  26. Under App permissions, click Add app

  27. Select the app

  28. Click Invite user and send the invite

  29. Under Users & permissions, you need to click the Google key (the user name)

  30. Copy the user name and alongside the file send them both to the Product Specialist so we can complete the setup

Setup Apple Key (API Key)

You will need to invite & to your account and give the user account full privileges. This will help us complete the setup from our end.

  1. Once you enrolled in the Apple Developer Program, you’ll be able to manage team members in App Store Connect

  2. In the top navigation of your developer account, click “Program resources.” Under “Additional resources,” click “Users and Access.”

  3. Click the add button (+)

  4. In the dialog that appears, enter the user’s first name, last name, and email address

  5. Under Roles, select the user’s role as Admin

  6. Click invite.

Once you have completed the above steps, you will need to agree on the terms and allow us access to proceed:

  1. Log in to App Store Connect
    You will see the App Store Connect home page.

  2. Click the "Users and Access" icon
    You are taken to your team's user list.

  3. Click the Keys tab at top of the page
    You see the message "Permission is required to access the App Store Connect API. You can request access on behalf of your organization," along with a Request Access button.

  4. Click Request Access
    You see a very short agreement (just a few lines), an "I agree" type checkbox, and a Submit button.

  5. Review the terms and, if acceptable, click the checkbox and then Submit
    You're done!

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