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Submitting apps to the Apple and Google Stores

A new build (version) will be required if the app wasn't connected to Stripe before we start creating the app. 

Sending the app to Apple Store or Google Store

We suggest you and your team test your app using App Center before submitting it to Apple and Google. See Testing an app - App Center guide for more information.

Only Partner and Marketplace Owner users will have the access to create an app build. See User Access Level for more information.

  1. Go to Redbox management

  2. Find the Marketplace

  3. Navigate to Apps

  4. Click Start build*

  5. Fill in the form, see below for details:
    a. Device - You will need to select the device, please note you need to do the same steps for iOS and Android separately
    b. Version - It will usually be the latest version
    c. Action - Selecting ‘Build and upload app to Stores for manual release’ will send the app to App Center for testing, selecting ‘Build and upload app to Stores for manual release’ will send the app to the live stores such as Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play Store.

  6. Click Build and deploy

  7. Once the build status is marked as COMPLETED you can proceed to the next steps below. For Google first time submissions, the build status will be marked as FAILED, see below steps.

*If the Start Build button isn't available, it means that the app hasn't been imported yet. Please contact your Product Special for more information.

Once you have built and deployed the app, it will take 30 minutes to be available to the Stores. Please note that there is a different process for submitting the apps on App Store and Google Play.

Submitting an app to Apple’s App Store

  1. Go to App Store 

  2. Search the app you want to submit 

  3. Click TestFlight

  4. The latest version you uploaded via Redbox will appear under Builds on the left side and it will be marked as ' (warning) Missing Compliance', this is because you will need to fill in some details before it's ready to complete the submission. If the status is still Processing, please wait a little bit longer. 

  5. Click App Store 
    Most of these details would have already been filled in when we setup the Apple & Play Store for the app.
    Version Information
    a. You first need to add a description under 'What's New in This Version. If there are no major changes you can use 'Improvements to user experience and minor bug fixes'.
    b. If you haven't done already, you need to
    upload the app screenshots:     
    iPhone 6.7'' display (this is optional)
    iPhone 6.5'' display (1242_x_2688)     
    iPhone 5.5'' display (1242_x_2208)     
    iPad Pro 12.9'' display (2048_x_2732)
    iPad Prod 12.9'' display (2048_x_2732)
    c. Make sure you check the below details have been filled in:
       - Keywords
       - Support URL - This needs to be the www.marketplacename/help URL, for example
       - Description
    d. Under Build
        - Select a build
    - Once you have uploaded the build if the Status is marked (warning) Missing Compliance, select Manage
        - Select None of the algorithms mentioned above for the Export Compliance Information
        - Save
    e. App review information
        Sign-in required - Please provide the login details for the tester user 
        Notes - You need to include instructions for the tester on how to use the app. Make sure you provide a postcode that will show open outlets for them to test, you can use existing apps for example. You can also upload a file with a demo video showing how to use Apple Pay. 

  6. Click Save

  7. Before submitting an app you need to make sure you have reviewed the below:
    App Information - These should have been filled in already
    Price and Availability - This should always be GBP 0.0 (Free)
    If your app is available in the UK as well as NI/other countries too, you won’t get this option.
    Pricing and Availability
    Select Public under App Distribution Methods, and untick ‘'Offer a reduced price on the Apple School Manager for volume purchases’'
    App Privacy
    a. Click Edit
    b. Add the privacy policy URL, you don't need to add anything under User privacy choices URL
    c. Click Publish

  8. Click Prepare for Submission under iOs App on the left navigation, select Add for Review and then Submit for Review 

Submitting a new app to Googles Play Store (first time submission)

First time app submission to Google’s Play Store will always result in a FAILED status. Follow the below steps to resolve the issue.

  1. Once the status in Redbox is marked as FAILED, you will get the option to click and download a file so you can upload the build manually. The file will include the bundle, app icon, and feature image required to complete the submission.

  2. Go to Google Play

  3. Search for the app you want to submit, under Dashboard you will get a checklist of what needs to be done in order to submit your app i.e. App access, Target audience and Setup your store listing.

  4. Click App access
    Select All or some functionality is restricted, then fill in the details and add instructions, you can use the same details from the Apple submission

  5. Click Save

  6. Go to the Dashboard and click Target audience
    a. Select 16-17 and 18 and over, click Next
    b. You will then get a popup for Appeal to children, select No and click Next

  7. Go to the Dashboard and click Set up your store listing
    a. You will need to fill in the details - You can copy the description from the Apple submission
    b. Scroll down and upload the branding assets and click Save

  8. Go to Production on the left side

  9. Under Countries/religions select the country your marketplace is available and click Save

  10. Click Create new release and then Continue

  11. Upload the app bundle (if it fails, please refresh the page and click 'upload from library')

  12. Add the release name

  13. Under Release notes, make sure you only update the text between <en-GB> and </en-GB>, you can use the first sentence from the description we used to submit the app to Apple i.e. 'The long awaited Redbox app is here!'

  14. Click Save

  15. Go to Publishing Overview

  16. Check all the changes made, if you are happy click Send Changes

Submitting new app versions to Googles Play Store

  1. Once the status in Redbox is marked as COMPLETED , go to Google Play

  2. Search for the app 

  3. Go to Production and under Release Dashboard it will show you the latest version that's available to the public (under Release: Most recent)  

On Publishing the apps on v4.0.32+, you may be presented with an Advertising ID Error, if so:

  1. Select Update Declaration.

  2. Under Does your app use advertising ID? select Yes

  3. Under Why does your app need to use advertising ID? This includes any SDKs your app imports that use advertising IDs select Analytics

  4. Select Save

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