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Marketplace Financial Guide

Only users with Partner access levels are able to see Marketplace → Financials.

The tabs below are based on Partner User Access Level, other users may not have access to all of these tabs. See User Access Level for more information.

Marketplace Financials

Here you are able to set a Paybox account, marketplace commission rates, and payment methods, and also enable Business Invoicing and VAT.

Marketplace Commission

Note that you must not set any of these rates to be lower than your Redbox commission rate or orders will not be able to be placed on your marketplace. We recommend you test all order types after changing your financials.

Fee Charge



Basket fee


This is the percentage of the total basket charged to the business as a commission

Business Charge

Fixed Charge

This is an optional fixed rate charged to the merchant (business) on every order

Customer Service Charge

Fixed Charge

This is an optional fixed rate charged to the customer

Payment Method

The payment methods are first set at the marketplace level, along with the wording which will be displayed to the businesses. Once set here, the business can they choose how they would like to offer payments.

Business Invoicing

When enabled, each Monday morning, all business attached to the marketplace will be sent the an invoice.


When VAT Registered it enabled, the registration number can be entered. The marketplace can then choose to enable the ‘Charge Business VAT on Customer Charge’.

Payment Processing

For more information on how to set up Paybox for your marketplace, please see our Managing Paybox in the Redbox Management Portal guide.

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