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Email Theme

Only users with Partner and Marketplace Owner access levels are able to see Email Theme.

How to locate Email Theme - Redbox → Marketplaces → Select a Marketplace → Email Theme

Email Theme allows you to apply colours and branding which fit your brand and style, this theme will apply to each transactional email sent. This will also apply to the messaging facility emails when ‘Add Marketplace Theme' is selected. See Messaging for more information.

You can navigate to your email theme settings by going to your Marketplaces > Email Theme.

Theme Settings

The following options are available to use:

  • No Image - No images are used.

  • Marketplace Logo - The marketplace logo from the Websites tab is used.

  • Custom Logo - The user uploads an image to use as the logo.

Each option allows the user to customise the following:

  • Background Colour

  • Button Colour

  • Body Colour

  • Body Font Colour

  • Footer Text

  • Foot Colour

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