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Special Offer Flags

Special offer flags are a great tool to attract traffic to an outlet. When enabled a golden banner will appear above the outlet's tab on the Outlet list and on the outlet menu page.

How to enable a Special Offer Flag

Navigate to the Redbox Management → Businesses → Select the business → Details → Special Offer Flags

Customise each fulfilments wording

Choose the fulfilments you would like the special offer flag to be visible on (Delivery, Collection or Table). Enter the special offer wording and click save.

Where are the Special Offer Flags visible?

Special Offer Flags are visible on outlets which are Open or accepting preorders. Outlets which are closed will not display their Special Offer Flags.

The Special Offer Flags will appear on the outlet list and the outlet’s menu, it will display on the fulfilments which have been selected in management.

On the website:

The website outlet list

The outlet’s menu

On mobile apps:

The Outlet list

The outlet’s menu

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