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Testing Web

We, at Redbox, do internal testing before each release, however, we recommend your team do their own testing according to your marketplace configuration. Below is a list of suggested testing:

End-to-End testing:

Customer view

  • Register new account

  • Reset password

  • Check Legal links work

  • Blog link works (if setup)

  • FAQs link works (if setup)

  • All images display correctly

  • Featured outlets (if enabled)

  • Sign up your business (if enabled)

  • App and Google Store URLs work (if setup)

  • Display allergy information (if enabled)

  • Advanced Location Search/Default search type

  • Onboarding (if enabled)

My Account

  • View all my orders history

  • View individual order history

  • View/Edit my details

  • Add/Remove/Edit address book

  • Update my marketing preferences

  • Login/Logout

Fulfilment Options

  • Delivery

  • Collection

  • Table


  • ASAP 

  • Pre-orders (When the business is closed)

  • Specific time 

  • Update booking 

  • Cancel booking

  • Add collection note

  • Add delivery note

  • Order age-restricted items

  • Single item order notes

  • Allow preorders up to 31 days

  • Delivery Windows & preorder limits


  • Payment authorisation & capture using Apple Pay

  • Refund payment

  • Basket page

  • Test using a wrong delivery address

  • Test with wrong payment details 

  • Cash on delivery

  • Card on delivery

  • Cash on collection

  • Card on collection

  • Check Subtotal/Discounts

Design & Content

  • Verify spelling and grammar

  • Product names and descriptions i.e. mains, drinks etc.

  • Homepage meta title and description 

  • Ensure no test content is on the site

  • Optimise images

  • Contact us page/Help

  • Ensure legal pages are in place

  • 404 pages and defensive design


  • Add/Remove items in your basket

  • Add specifications (if enabled)

  • Sold out

  • Edit order

  • Allow 'Add-on-Sale' Menus

  • Add/Edit address

  • Test with wrong address (outside the delivery zone)

  • Able to change fulfilment

  • Able to clear order

  • Add Notes

  • VAT from menu items works as expected

  • Auto-rejection on pending orders

  • Stuart order (if used)

Outlet list

  • View all outlets

  • Show correct status based on their settings in management

  • Show correct menu items

  • Show menu item images (if applicable)

  • Categories apply to the outlet based on their settings in management

Customer emails

  • Register

  • Reset password

  • Order confirmation (collection)

  • Order confirmation (delivery)

  • Order confirmation (table)

  • Order is ready (collection)

  • Order is ready (delivery)

  • Order cancelled

  • Order rejected

  • Order time changed

  • Order completed

  • Invite to Discount


  • Business discount

  • Discount codes

  • Member discounts


  • View OFFERS label under the outlet's name


  • Enable disable marketing preferences

  • Email campaign

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