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Uber Direct Set Up

Add Uber Direct as a Delivery Network to your Marketplace

First Uber Direct needs to be set up on your Marketplace. In the Redbox Management Portal navigate to Marketplace > Delivery Networks and select “Add Delivery Network”.

  • Network Name: Enter a name for your new delivery network, for example, Uber Direct

  • Delivery Provider: Select UBER_DIRECT

  • Subsidise Delivery: Check this box and enter a subsidy if required.

  • Customer ID: Paste from your Uber Direct account developer details.

  • Client ID: Paste from your Uber Direct account developer details.

  • Client Secret: Paste from your Uber Direct account developer details.

  • Webhook Staging Key: Copy this webhook and add it to your Uber Direct Account, then edit the webhook in Uber Direct to get your Webhook Signing Key.

  • Webhook Signing Key: Paste your signing key in this field.

  • Test Scenario: None (these are for test sandboxes only)

  • Select Create.

Your Uber Direct integration will be verified after completing your first live booking, and the webhook status will change to success

Next, you need to create an Uber Direct delivery zone. Navigate to Marketplace > Delivery Zones and select “Add Delivery Zone”

  • Name: Enter a name, for example Uber Direct

  • Select Uber Direct

  • Select Save.

Add Uber Direct to an Outlet

You can now assign this delivery zone to an outlet where you would like to book deliveries with Uber Direct. Navigate to Outlet > Delivery. Delete any existing delivery zones then select “Add Delivery zone”

  • Delivery Zone: Select Uber Direct (or the name you gave your Uber Direct delivery zone).

  • Delivery Radius: set to 1, 1.5 or 2 miles.

  • Pickup Notes: Add any notes that might help the driver locate pick-up.

  • Fallback Delivery Cost: This is shown to the customer as a ‘delivery from' price before we have a quote, for example £4.99.

  • Undeliverable Action: This is recommended to be set to Leave at Door. You will be charged for return mileage if you set to Return.

  • Select Save.

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