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Uber Direct Integration

Redbox integrates with Uber Direct to provide your marketplaces with last-mile third-party delivery services. Using a third-party delivery service like Uber Direct for food delivery offers several advantages. It provides restaurants with access to a vast network of delivery drivers, ensuring timely and efficient deliveries even during peak hours. This can significantly enhance customer satisfaction by reducing wait times and ensuring food arrives hot and fresh.

Outsourcing delivery logistics allows restaurants to focus on their core competencies—preparing quality food—while avoiding the complexities and costs associated with maintaining an in-house delivery fleet.

Uber Direct's advanced technology and extensive reach enable restaurants to expand their customer base beyond their immediate geographic location, tapping into a broader market and increasing revenue potential.

Working with Uber Direct

Uber Direct is integrated into your marketplace, and you can specify which of your outlets on your marketplace uses Uber Direct for all their delivery services.

  • You will need to apply for an Uber Direct account with Uber directly, get in touch with us via the support desk and we will get Uber Direct to onboard you. We can also help you check if your area is covered by Uber Direct.

  • Uber Direct is designed to deliver parcels that fit in a standard delivery-sized thermal bag. They will handle hot food and small parcels, including alcohol.

  • They will deliver hot food around 1.5 - 2 miles.

  • Pricing is set via your contract with Uber Direct, along with your terms and conditions for delivery and refunds.

Outlet Ordering & Delivery Settings

  • Preparation Times for an outlet using Uber Direct should be a minimum of 20 minutes to allow Uber Direct time to get to your outlet.

  • Delivery Windows for for an outlet using Uber Direct should be a minimum of 20 minutes, to allow Uber Direct time to get to your customer.

  • The maximum Delivery Radius for Uber Direct delivery should be 2 miles, with 1.5 miles being ideal. Uber Direct will not deliver hot food more than 2 miles.

  • A pickup note can be added to the outlet's delivery settings which will be sent to the driver, to help them find the outlet or pickup point.

  • You should ensure the Outlet Address and Phone Number are accurate for the best pickup experience.

Order Process & Customer Communications

The delivery price quoted to the customer at checkout is dependent on the contracted prices you have with Uber Direct. When a customer proceeds to checkout we get a quote from Uber Direct for this delivery from the outlet to the customer’s address. You can choose to subsidise these deliveries, and if you do we will charge the customer the Uber Direct quoted delivery price less the subsidy you have specified.


  1. When an order is placed with an outlet using Uber Direct the order will be sent to the outlet first, when the outlet accepts the order Redbox attempts to make the booking with Uber Direct. If the outlet rejects the order no Uber Direct booking is made. If the booking is accepted by Uber Direct the order will be accepted and the terminal will print a receipt. The receipt and terminal will show the pickup time that the Uber Direct driver is due to arrive and the outlet should prepare the order for this time so as not to keep the driver waiting.

  2. A driver will be assigned to the booking by Uber Direct when it gets close to the pickup time and the booking will change to Enroute to Outlet. Once a driver has been assigned the outlet can no longer cancel the order and your customer will be sent an SMS letting them know their delivery is underway. Your customer also has the opportunity to add a drop-off note (they can also set these order notes when they place the order on Redbox) and adjust the drop-off pin on a map if their drop-off location is inaccurate, through the Uber Direct tracking details sent to the customer via SMS.

  3. Tracking details are available in Redbox Management, along with a link to the order on your Uber Direct Dashboard. Customers are provided with a tracking link in the app, and on the ordering website, and this link can also be included in your email templates.

  4. Outlets can mark an order as Ready, but this does not change the status of the Uber Direct delivery or send any communication to the customer. Instead, your customer receives Order-Ready communications when Uber Direct collect the order at pickup, and Complete communications when Uber Direct completes drop-off. When the driver completes an order he will take a picture to prove delivery was completed, and this photo can be found on your Uber Direct dashboard.


When you assign Uber Direct to an outlet you can specify an action if the order is undeliverable, we recommend this to be “Leave at Door”. If you choose “Return” (which is good for high-value items) you will be charged mileage for an order that is undeliverable and is returned to the outlet.

You can monitor the status of your Uber Direct bookings in Redbox Management and also in your Uber Direct Dashboard. If there are any issues with your Uber Direct booking once the order has been accepted, we will not cancel the Redbox order, which allows you to resolve it with a new Uber Direct booking or the outlet delivering the order themselves. You can cancel the order yourself in Redbox Management if you are unable to complete delivery.

Paying for your Deliveries

All Uber Direct deliveries are paid via a card on your Uber Direct account, with payment taken per booking. This means that all deliveries are funded by the marketplace.

  • You can choose to subsidise the prices your customer pays for deliveries, or you can charge customers exactly what Uber Direct will be charging you.

  • Any delivery charges for Uber Direct deliveries paid by your customers are transferred to the Marketplace, these will be less any subsidy you decide to apply, and you will still pay Uber Direct in full.

Next Steps

How to set up your Uber Direct Integration in Redbox Management?

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