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Campaign Revenue Tracker

The tabs below are based on Partner User Access Level, other users may not have access to all of these tabs. See User Access Level for more information.

Our powerful Campaign Revenue Tracker provides marketplaces with insights into a campaign's success and helps to measure its performance. It allows the marketplace to understand which campaigns return the best value and allows the marketplace to fine-tune campaigns to maximise the results.

How to find the Campaign Revenue Tracker?

Navigate to the Redbox Management Portal → Select Marketing → Select the required Marketplace → Select Campaigns.

The Tracked Revenue value along with the metrics provided in the deliveries, email/push open, bounce rate and email clicks columns make up the Campaign Revenue Tracker, providing the marketplace with a wealth of information to gain insights in the success of each campaign.

The following columns can be used to provide insights in to the Campaigns success:


The number of reaches a campaign has made. This includes reaches on emails, push notifications and SMS's. This helps us understand how many end points received the campaign.

Email/Push Open:

Push notification opens are only available to apps v5.1 and above.

A percentage of emails or push notifications which have been opened based on the number of deliveries. This helps us understand how many customers opened the email or push notification.

Bounce Rate:

A percentage of emails which were returned by the recipient's email server. This can be due to many factors such as an incorrect email address, the recipient's email server being full etc.

Email Clicks:

A number of times a customer has clicked on the link within the email, this can be multiple times for the same customer. This helps us understand how many customers not only opened the email but also clicked into a link provided in the email (when provided). This provides an insight into how engaging the content of the email is, that it had converted into the customer opening the link, potentially leading to an order.


An estimation of the revenue that has been generated since the campaign was sent, and the customer either:

  • opened the campaign email and/or clicked in a link provided (when provided)

  • received a push notification

  • received an SMS

And then proceeded to place an order on the marketplace's apps or website.

Marketplaces can utilise this information to gauge how successful a campaign has been, it can help us understand which campaigns are performing well and which campaigns require improvements to get an increase in return.

Important information on the tracked revenue calculations:

  • The calculation includes all orders placed on the marketplace apps or website, even if the customer opened the email but placed an order on the app without clicking any links.

  • The calculation will include orders which have the status PREPARING, READY or COMPLETE and will exclude any orders which have the status PENDING, REJECTED, CANCELLED or REFUNDED. This helps the marketplace understand the revenue campaign has generated.

  • The tracked revenue value will update approximately every hour for a duration of seven days or until a new campaign is sent. Campaigns sent within this window will stop all calculations for the previous campaign, and will now be counted towards the new campaign.

  • All data for the Campaign Revenue Tracker is kept for 90 days, after 90 days, the data will no longer be visible in Redbox Management Portal.

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