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Marketing Manager

To access our Marketing features, you will need to subscribe to a Marketing plan through our Billing system. Please contact a member of our team and they will be able to assist and set you up.

Redbox Marketing is a great tool that helps boost sales and customer engagement for your ordering website and apps. Redbox Marketing currently offers email, push notification, and SMS channels, enabling you to communicate with your customers and encourage them to revisit your app and website. You can create targeted and personalised campaigns, which can help you build meaningful relationships with your customers and increase your sales.

At Redbox, we base Marketing billing on Active Channels. This is because we maintain a dedicated connection (or endpoint) for each channel which results in associated costs.

As part of Marketing Manager, we also offer Meta Audience synchronisation. This enables you to synchronise your customer information to a Meta Custom Audience, including your customers' current order value (lifetime value). This Meta Custom Audience can be used to retarget existing customers and build Lookalike audiences to help you target new high-value customers.

Pricing Plans

Pricing Tier

Price per Month

Active Channels




0 - 1,000

'All Customers' segment only



1,001 - 20,000

Unlimited segments



20,001 - 50,000

Unlimited segments



50,001 - 100,000

Unlimited segments



100,001 - 200,000

Unlimited segments



200,001 +

Unlimited segments

  • Active Channels are methods of messaging customers eg. Push, Email. Customers may have multiple channels.

  • SMS charges apply, 4p per message.

  • Prices are excluding VAT unless otherwise stated.

  • Billed monthly based on the highest active channels that month.

Visit our website to find out more about pricing and what each plan offers.

Why Redbox Marketing is beneficial for your marketplace

Flexible Email Designs

We have created an email template that you can use, based on your branding colours. You can send plain text, include buttons and/or images - whatever suits your message best.


Redbox Marketing offers a wide range of communication channels that allow you to effectively reach your audience, including emails, push notifications and SMS. When creating a campaign you have the flexibility to integrate these channels by spreading the same message across all of them, or you can select the most suitable channels based on your marketing goals.

Meta Audience synchronisation

Using Meta Audience synchronisation you can synchronise your Redbox customer data to a Meta Custom Audience. This gives you the ability to retarget your existing Redbox customers on Meta but also create Lookalike audiences that will help you reach potential new customers with similar high-value characteristics.

Segmented targeting

You can use our segments and filters to build different groups so your customers receive emails, push notifications or SMS that they are interested in i.e. targeting a group of customers who have ordered from a specific outlet, or a particular postcode. 

Increase sales

If you have a new promotion or offer, customers can click on the links provided in your marketing email and follow your call to action immediately. Push notifications can link directly to the outlet you are promoting so that customers can easily place an order in the app too.

Read our Redbox Marketing Campaign guide that will help you understand how Redbox Marketing operates and how it can help you and your businesses build a strong connection with your audience using the most suitable tools.

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