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Redbox offers the following types of discounts which you can set up for your customers, each of the following guides will explain how the discount can be set up:

  • Member Discounts - These are discounts that are assigned to a single customer email and are similar to VIP or member discounts. A customer can have multiple member discounts across different businesses in your marketplace.

  • Discount Codes - These are discounts that have a code the customer must enter at checkout.

  • Business Discounts - These are discounts that apply to all qualifying orders at a specific business. Customers do not need a code or to be a member to qualify for these discounts.

Customers can only qualify for one discount at a time. If multiple member and business discounts could apply to an order, only the discounts which are the most favourable to the customer will apply.

If a customer enters a discount code this will always be applied, even if it is a lower discount value to a member or business discount which could apply to the order. The customer can remove the discount code if they would prefer to use the alternative member or business discount.

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