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Can I update my marketplace registered address?

Yes, you can change the registered address for your marketplace. This can be done by navigating to:

Management → Marketplaces → Details → Under Business Contact.

Can I change the phone number and email address available on the website?

Yes, you can change this information on your website, to do this, navigate to:

Management → Marketplaces → Details → Under Support Contact.

What kind of hosting will my marketplace need?

As we host your website, you will need minimal domain services.

What format should I use to send my branding files?

We require branding files to be sent in a vector format (.svg or .eps) and submitted to the support desk.

What is the difference between the Production and Staging Management Portal?

We offer two environments, Production is your live site that your customers will use and where your live orders will be managed. Staging is a replica of your Production site, however, it is for testing purposes. To start, we suggest using the Staging environment.

How can you tell the difference between the Production and Staging Management Portal?

The Production management URL will be and the Staging URL will be Alternatively, the Staging management will have a black and yellow bar across the top.

Why is my invitation to management not working/valid?

Once you receive an invite to the management portal, you will have 7 days on Production and 3 days on Staging to register. If your invite has expired, please contact your Product Specialist.

I am filling in the ‘Request New Marketplace’ form, it is asking me for a 'Brand Name'. What is this?

The brand name is the name your marketplace will be called.

I am filling in the ‘Request New Marketplace’ form, and it is asking me for a ‘Business Address’, but I do not have one yet. What should I do?

Not to worry, for now you can use your personal home address. Once you have a business address we can update our records accordingly.

I have been updating my ‘Legal Documents’, but the page isn't displaying correctly.

For the Legal Documents (Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Cookie Policy, Misc Policy and Allergy Policy), we use a format called Markdown, this will require further input from yourself to format the document in a style you prefer using some html syntax. Please use one of the following helpful Markdown editors when writing your documents - OR

Why when I try to add a new Business User, I get an error informing me that this user already exists, what should I do?

Please contact your Product Specialist, providing them with the user email, the user level and the business/outlet you would like to attach the user to. This user might already be registered on another marketplace.

How often will Paybox pay out my marketplace and businesses?

Initially, the marketplace/business will be set to receive its first payment daily, after this first payout, it will automatically change to weekly.

I am trying to Web Preview my Collection-only menu, but the menu is not displaying, why?

By default the web preview only displays Delivery menus, we suggest you enable delivery on your menu in the management port, once you are happy with it, change the menu back to Collection only.

What should I do if a customer has a problem with their address?

This is likely an error with the customer's address on Google Maps. Check on Google Maps that the address is correctly pinned, or that the customer's postcode on Google Maps is returning the correct address and that it is not missing.

The Redbox Management system uses Google Maps Geocoding API to locate customers' addresses using a postcode. Occasionally, Google Maps may not have the correct data particular address, causing a delivery address issue in Redbox.

If on:

Redbox Management → Customers → your customer,

The Map is displaying the address in the wrong position, it is likely the address is not correct on Google Maps.

How to update an existing address which is incorrect on Google Maps:

Find the location of this address on Google Maps, pinpoint this location, right-click on the pinpoint and select ‘Add a Missing Place’. Follow the on-screen instructions and submit. This update can take a few weeks to reflect on Google Maps.

How to add a new address to Google Maps:

Enter your address without your postcode on Google Maps. Click ‘Suggest an edit on ‘your address’’, next, select ‘Wrong pin location or address’. Follow the on-screen instructions and submit. This update can take a few weeks to reflect on Google Maps.

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