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Menu Options

How to locate Menu Options - Redbox → Businesses → Select a Business → Options

Menu options allow you to configure your menu items so that customers can choose additional items to personalise their orders. For example, you could set up menu options so that a customer can choose which toppings to have on a pizza. You can use multiple options to set up detailed ordering options for items such as meal deals and offers.

Options can be optional or required, and you can add multiple options to a menu item. You can also specify how many options a customer can choose. You can reuse options across multiple menu items.

Options can be created and edited over time. Please note, that options are available at all times on your menu, so if you're looking to restrict the times that certain options are available you will need to outline this in the 'Menu Notes' section in each outlet affected. Each option is available to all the menu items and can be assigned to multiple items at once.

  • Option Requirement - Required (the customer must select) or Optional (the customer can choose to select).

  • Max choice requirement - the number of options the customer can choose.

  • Sold out - if enabled, the option will be visible but not able to be chosen.

There are two ways to add new options:

  • Options tab - Click Add Option → Complete the required fields → Click Save

  • Menu tab - Select the menu item → Item Options → Create New Option → Complete the required field → Click Save

Menu Options can be found in the Options tab

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