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Ordering Configuration

How to locate Ordering: Redbox Management → Businesses → Select a Business → Outlets → Select an Outlet → Ordering

The ordering tab is where you will set your outlet's ordering times and delivery windows.

The ordering tab is used to configure the following:

  • Ordering Times

  • Delivery Windows (Mobile 3.9+, previous versions will display a delivery slot)

  • Order Volume Limit (Mobile 4.0+)

  • ASAP and Preorder configurations

  • Prep / Collection Times

Ordering Times

Ordering times are the hours your business will be accepting orders. You can enter the specific ordering times for each day of the week.

You will have one row for each day of the week, entering the same day into the ‘Start’ and ‘End’ columns.

To add additional days select '+ Add New Ordering Time'.

  • Delivery Window - Enter the maximum amount of time needed to deliver an order to the addresses in your delivery radius. For example 30 minutes would require all orders to be delivered within a 30 minute window. Please note we advise delivery windows of at least 20 minutes.

  • First Order - When your business will start to accept orders.

  • Last Order - When your business will finish accepting orders.

  • First Delivery Window - The system will then calculate the First Delivery Window for each day using the Ordering times, the Prep / Collection time (see below) and the Delivery Window.

Select ‘Save’.

Delivery Windows

Redbox management will also calculate each of the individual delivery windows for every day, shown in the ‘Order Volume Limits’ section.

Order Volume Limits

  • Order volume limits are currently only available on the ordering website (Web 1.0 and Web 2.0), Mobile 4.0+ is required to work with this new feature.

  • Order volume limits only apply to delivery preorders.

Order volume limits allow the user to set a limit to the number of delivery pre-orders that can be made within a delivery window. These limits are intended to enable outlets to manage delivery demand when delivery driver numbers may be limited.

  • When an order volume limit is set on a delivery window, the outlet will only allow this many delivery pre-orders within the specified window.

  • The order volume limit includes orders that are pending and accepted.

  • ASAP orders (see below) are not included in the order volume limits, if an outlet is taking orders in advance you could consider disabling ASAP orders.

  • When the limit is met, the filled delivery window will no longer be available to customers for pre-orders.

How to Set Your Order Volume Limits

Order Volume Limits

Either select a single delivery window or select multiple windows (drag your mouse over the delivery windows). Enter a number in the set order limit and select ‘Save’.

Order Limit Set Model

The order limit can be set as follows:

  • Empty input field will mean that no limit is set, allowing unlimited pre-orders for this delivery window.

  • Zero will mean that pre-orders are not available to customers for this delivery window.

  • One and above will mean that this many pre-orders can be created for this delivery window, once this number is met, pre-orders will not be available to customers for this delivery window.

ASAP and Preorders

You can now specify if an outlet should be able to receive either ASAP or Preorder orders or both.

ASAP orders - Orders that are placed immediately and do not have a specific future slot or delivery window. Customers receive an estimated time, but their order can arrive as soon as possible.

Preorders - Orders that are placed immediately and have a specific future slot or delivery window.

Fulfilment Times

If 'Allow ASAP' is enabled only, when an outlet is within its ordering times customers are able to place ASAP orders only, and Preorders will not be offered.

If 'Allow Preorders' is enabled only, the outlet will only offer pre-orders according to the Days Offered Slider, and ASAP will not be offered.

If ‘Allow ASAP' and ‘Allow Preorders’ are enabled, when an outlet is within its ordering times, the customer will be able to place ASAP orders, and will be offered Preorders according to the 'Days Offered’.

‘Days Offered' can only be configured when 'Allow Preorders’ are enabled. The first slider sets when the first preorder slot/window will be offered, the second slider sets when the last preorder slot/window will be offered. See below table on slider setting examples:

Slider Control

Days Offered

Preorder for today only.

Preorder for today and tomorrow.

Preorder for today and the following 30 days.

Preorder for tomorrow only.

Preorder for tomorrow and the following 29 days.

Prep / Collection Time

This is the amount of time you need to prepare the order, whether ready for delivery or for collection.

For 'ASAP orders', if this is set at 20 minutes, at the end of the 20 minutes the outlet will either:

  • Use this time as the customer’s collection slot, if an ASAP collection has been booked


  • Use this time as the start of the customer’s delivery window, if an ASAP delivery has been booked

For 'Preorders', if this is set at 20 minutes, Redbox management will only allow preorders to be booked either:

  • From 20 minutes after their ‘First Order’ time, for collection preorders.


  • From 20 minutes + the 'Delivery Window', for delivery preorders.

Ordering App: Delivery windows are supported in the time picker for Mobile 3.9+. This means customers using this version of the app will see a delivery window instead of a slot. Further updates are required to show windows in other areas of the app, for example in My Orders. Customers on older app versions will still be able to order, with their delivery slot matching the end of the delivery window.

Business App on Terminal: Delivery windows are not currently supported on the terminal and restaurant app, this means that when a customer places an order for a delivery window, for example, 13:00 - 13:15, the terminal will show a single delivery slot of 13:15. This ensures that orders are not delivered late until delivery windows are supported in the next release.

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