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Outlet Table Ordering and Tables

Table service allows the customer to place an order using the Marketplace website or app while sitting at one of your tables. For quick ordering, Redbox autogenerates an option to download a QR code per table. When scanned by a smartphone, it will direct your customer to the outlet's menu on the marketplace website.

Please check with your marketplace provider that Table Ordering has been enabled.

Setting up table service

When your customer orders Table Service they have to select the table number or name that they are sitting at. To enable this for your business you just need to set your table numbers or names on your outlet:

Navigate to Business → Select a business → Outlets → Select an outlet → Tables

  • Click Add Table

  • Enter a table name or number

  • Click Create

  • Once you have set up all the required tables, under Table / Room Ordering, Enable ‘Enable’.

Deactivating a table

If a table is currently not in use, disable active, this table will no longer be available in the list of tables

Disabling Table Service

Navigate to Businesses → select a business → Outlet → Select an outlet → Tables → Table / Room Ordering → Disable ‘Enable’

How to download QR codes for use on Table Service

Navigate to Business → select a business → Outlets → select an outlet → Tables → per table, click the Print QR Code → this will automatically download the QR Code, ready for you to print.

Other important info about table service:

  • Table service supports ASAP orders only, so orders can only be placed while you are within your ordering times. Please review your ordering times to ensure customers will be able to order to their table at the correct time.

  • Customers do not select a time when they place a table service order, they will just see the next available ASAP slot (based on your outlet prep time) as an estimate, so you are free to manage your table service orders as you need to. You cannot change the time on a table service order.

  • Table service orders will arrive on your terminal as normal, but they will have a knife and fork icon when viewed in the 'all' tab.

  • On your terminal you will be able to see the table number or name that the order needs to be taken to, and the time the customer placed the order so you can see which order was placed first.

  • Customers still receive notifications for their orders so they know when it has been accepted and is ready.

  • You can reject a table service order, but before you do it is good to explain to the customer in person why you need to reject the order.

  • All table service orders will be paid by Card, Cash is not offered as a payment option.

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