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Billing FAQ's

Commonly asked Billing questions.

Why do I need to set up a direct debit for billing?

Redbox offers add-on features, such as marketing, which are chargeable as a subscription. In addition, Redbox may charge the marketplace ad-hoc fees, with prior agreement, eg. SMS usage. These subscriptions require each marketplace to have an active payment method available.

How do I set up a direct debit?

Navigate to the Redbox Management Portal → Marketplaces → Billing → Select Setup Direct Debit → Complete the direct debit form. Once you have completed the direct debit form you have an option to select from our premium features. You will see an estimated bill and the date of the pending invoice.

Why I am being charged for more SMS's than what I have sent so far this month?

SMS’s are charged to the customer in arrears, for example, SMS’s sent in July will be billed in August.

Why do I need to set up a direct debit if I am on the free Marketing plan?

Without the active payment method, any add-on subscriptions will be removed from the marketplace. This will not affect any free tier.

When will my debit debit be taken from my bank account?

All invoices will be sent to the marketplace contact on the 1st of each month by email, they are also available in the Redbox Management Portal via Billing, the direct debit will be actioned from the nominated bank account 3 business days later in line with the direct debit guarantee.

How is my marketing plan worked out?

On the 1st of each month, you will be billed in advance. The system will calculate the number of Active Marketing Channels (Email, Push and SMS which are linked to customers with marketing preferences enabled), and based on the number of Active Marketing Channels your marketplace has, the system will allocate the correct plan. See our Pricing Plans for more information.

How can I cancel or make changes to my current subscriptions?

Navigate to the Redbox Management Portal → Marketplaces → Select the required Marketplace → Select Billing, here make your changes required. If you are unable to complete the required change, please contact your Product Specialist for further support.

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