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How do I set up VAT on my marketplace?

There are two configurations which are possible:

  • The 50p is charged by the marketplace to the customer and is VAT inclusive, therefore gross 50p, net 42p and VAT 8p which you report as VAT you have charged the customer.

  • The 50p is charged on behalf of the restaurant, and the restaurant pays the marketplace the VAT on the service charge which is VAT exclusive. Therefore net is 50p, gross is 60p, and you report 10p of VAT you have charged the restaurant.

If you have an accountant you might want to ask them to consider which model they feel is correct. For more information on VAT please see the VAT Handling guide.

When I try to set up my outlet's Paybox account, I get an error that my marketplace doesn't support direct payments at this time, what do I need to do?

Contact your Marketplace provider, they will need to enable Onboarding. For more information on how to set up Paybox on your marketplace, please see the Paybox Setup Guide.

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