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Migrating to Ordering Website 2.0

Marketplaces using the Ordering Website 1.0 can soon migrate to the new Ordering Website 2.0. Before you change your website over to Website 2.0 there are a few steps to complete to ensure your marketplace and outlets are configured for the new layout and features. You can configure your marketplace in advance ready for when Website 2.0 is released.

Once you have completed these steps to setup your website and outlets, and are ready to migrate, please get in touch with your franchise manager or our team and we will check your settings before you are migrated to Website 2.0.

Marketplace Settings

In the Details tab of your marketplace you need to configure the following settings:

  • Ordering Mode: this must be set to ‘Postcode’. All 2.0 websites have the option on the homepage search for customers to enter a postcode or enable location services to get to the outlet list. Website 2.0 does not support list marketplaces, and single outlet support will be added to the new site soon.

  • Friendly URLs: this is displayed in the URL for your outlet list and menu view. This should be plural and match the type of outlets you have on your marketplace, for example, takeaways, breweries, restaurants, businesses, shops. If you chose to use ‘takeaways’ your URLs would display as follows:



  • Checkout Messages and Helper Text: There are some additional helper text messages that you can set for the new website, for example, the helper text in the Order Notes field and the Delivery Notes can be set. These display as the helper text in the field to help your customers understand what the field is for, if you don't set these then default text will display, but you can set custom text to suit your marketplace type if you wish. The checkout message can be used to help your customers understand how the payment will show on their bank statement and this message is optional.

Website Settings

In the Website tab of your marketplace you need to configure the following settings:

  • Service Defaults: These are the default settings for the service picker when a customer visits your outlet list for the first time. The options are:

    • Fulfilment: All, Delivery, Collection, Table.

    • Timepicker: Anytime, Now

    • Location: Everywhere, Location

The most common settings are Delivery, Anytime, Everywhere, or All, Anytime, Everywhere. If you choose All, Anytime, Everywhere you can also opt to redirect new customers to the outlet list, which means new customers will not have to enter a postcode or enable location services to see your outlet list.

Once a customer has visited your homepage and set a location for their search, the website will direct returning customers to the outlet list and skip the homepage.

  • Outlet List Text: This is your ‘All Outlets’ text that is displayed in two locations on your website:

    • On the picker Service section, when all services are selected.

    • On the outlet list heading, when all services are selected in the service picker.

Screenshot 2024-01-30 at 13.20.38.png

Service picker on the outlet list page

Themes & Branding

In the “Branding” tab of your marketplace, you should set the theme for your Website 2.0. This should be set before you migrate. Where the theme asks for a dark or light colour, ensure you provide a suitable light or dark colour, as these colours are used to ensure there is enough contrast when text is displayed on top of another colour.


You can set your Website 2.0 segments before you migrate your site if you wish, but if you don’t set up any segments then your site will display a segment made up of your featured outlets instead to prevent the homepage from being empty.

Screenshot 2024-02-06 at 12.18.13.png

Website 2.0 segments on the outlet list page

Business SEO

To improve search engine results for your businesses you can now add a description and keywords to each of your business. This metadata improves the results displayed for your businesses in search engines and improves discoverability.

Screenshot 2024-02-05 at 11.07.06.png

SEO settings on an outlet in Redbox Management

Outlet Menu Cover Images

Website 2.0 uses outlet menu cover images on segments and in the header of every outlet menu page. You should set a menu cover image on all your outlets before you enable Website 2.0. This image is set on your outlets on the Details page.

Screenshot 2024-02-06 at 12.18.20.png

Outlet cover image displayed on a segment card

Screenshot 2024-02-06 at 12.09.05.png

Outlet cover image displayed on a outlet menu header

Outlet Hygiene Ratings

Website 2.0 allows you to display an optional hygiene rating from the Food Standards Agency for your outlets. This is displayed on the info screen for the outlet and the rating displayed comes from the Food Standards Agency website. To add the rating you need to locate the businesses' ID on the Food Standards Agency website and enter this ID on the Outlet Details page in Redbox Management.

Screenshot 2024-02-05 at 11.01.15.png

Example food hygiene rating displayed on outlet info view

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