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Orders - Business Users

All your orders can be viewed and managed on the Redbox Management Portal. Most businesses will use their terminal to manage orders and will use the Orders tab on Redbox Management Portal to view orders in more detail.

A business can also manage their orders on the Orders tab on Redbox Management Port, this means that you can accept and reject orders, view the time the orders were placed, customer details, last order update, payment details and also any delivery network status.

For refunds on completed orders, please contact your marketplace provider.

Orders - The view of the ‘All’ tab when signed in as a Business User

All - All the orders.

Pending - All pending orders.

In Progress - All accepted orders that are currently in progress i.e being prepared.

Complete - All completed orders.

Rejected - All rejected orders.

Refund - All refunded orders.

Orders can be filtered by:

  • Time periods - Day, Week or Custom

  • Order number

  • Fulfilment

  • Payment

Using the cog, you can enable/disable the following:

  • Mute Alarms

  • Use exact time

  • Display Delivery Window

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