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Redbox 6.0

New features and important change information for our partners.

Management Updates

We now refer to Restaurants as Businesses throughout Redbox management.


We have updated the icons for Businesses and Orders and added a new icon for the Messaging feature.

(Updated icon, was restaurants)

(Updated icon)

(New business messaging feature)

Restaurant & Outlet Overview Dashboards

New overview pages are now visible on Businesses and Outlets, to help users complete their business and outlet setup.

Outlet Dashboard

Business Dashboard

New Feature Guides

Redbox 6.0 includes these important new features, please see individual guides for details:

  • Image Library Feature - Guide Pending - This new feature requires an update to the website and mobile app, only the management changes have been implemented in this release.

  • Category Management Feature - Guide Pending - This feature requires some additional changes before it can be enabled by marketplaces.

  • Delete Delivery Zones - This new feature enables you to delete delivery zones. You will not be able to delete a delivery zone if the zone is applied to any outlets.

  • Member Discounts - This feature requires an app update for these discounts to be displayed in checkout in the app, but the discounts are still applied to the order. These discounts work fully on the ordering website.

  • Add on Sale Feature - Guide Pending - This feature has been updated and will require a review before it is activated by any marketplaces. Once it has been reviewed we will update the mobile app to incorporate this feature.

  • Business Messaging - Guide Pending - This feature enables you to email your businesses from within Redbox and receive replies to your messages within your Redbox inbox. This feature requires DNS changes to receive emails.

  • Strong Customer Authentication - This has been implemented on the customer ordering website in advance of SCA becoming mandatory in the UK, although most payments through our marketplaces are currently exempt. This feature requires an update to the mobile app.

  • New ‘cash’ payment option - This feature enables you to change the way ‘cash’ is displayed as a payment option on the ordering website. This feature requires an update to the mobile app.

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