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Service & Maintenance

This article describes the new features and fixes that are in each of our Redbox services and maintenance releases. These releases include updates to the management portal, ordering website, and server and database updates. They do not include updates to mobile apps or terminal apps.

7.0 Services


This release includes Website 2.0 please refer to the Redbox 7.0 Introduces Website v2.0 guide for full details. If you would like to migrate your marketplace website to Website 2.0 see Migrating to Website 2.0


  • Website 2.0 - A new look for Redbox.

  • Business Segments - Highlight to customers key outlets and respond to seasonal trends with our business segments. This new feature enables you to curate a list of outlets to entice your customers to discover new businesses and products in your marketplace. You could use these to group grocery stores, for example, to highlight ordering trends, or promote outlets running seasonal offers. Featured outlets can be highlighted to your customers on the ordering website and apps. This feature is supported by Website 2.0 and Mobile App 5.x.

  • Show All Outlets - Businesses can choose to display all their outlets associated with a business instead of just the closest open outlet, this is especially helpful for marketplaces which offer multiple outlets within the same area and want customers to be able to choose their preferred location. When ‘Display All Outlets’ has been enabled, the name shown on the ordering Website 2.0 and Mobile Apps 5.0+ will be the name of the outlet instead of the business name.

  • Force Logout Users - You can now force logout a customer via Redbox Management if you would like them to re-authenticate.


  • Table Ordering - Marketplaces will be prompted to disable all table service settings outlet level before they can disable table service at the marketplace level.

  • Categories - Users can move the position of the categories within the list on the Redbox Management Portal. The categories will be displayed on the website and app according to the ordering within the Redbox Management Portal.


  • Business Discounts and Discount Codes days offered would incorrectly allow the user to select the same day multiple times, this issue has now been resolved.

  • Outlets that had the Standard Delivery Time slider set to ‘0 minutes’ would incorrectly show an error on the delivery window input field when trying to add additional ordering times. To resolve this issue, the Standard Delivery Time slider for these outlets has been updated to ‘5 minutes’.

  • If you need to filter the order view by business you have to select a marketplace first, if you only have one marketplace this is now automatically selected for you.

6.7.4 Maintenance



  • Marketing Email Templates - Google Mail and Yahoo Mail have implemented new policies for bulk email senders which are aimed at minimizing spam. To comply with these new policies we have added a one-click unsubscribe link on the footer of all marketing emails.

6.7.3 Maintenance



  • DNS Configuration - Google Mail and Yahoo Mail have implemented a new policy for bulk email senders aimed at minimizing spam. As a result, it's now necessary to include additional transactional and marketing entries in your DNS records to enhance email deliverability. Please ensure these new records are added. You can find them under Marketplace → DNS.

6.7.2 Maintenance



  • Using the menu tree view in management to rearrange menu items by dragging and dropping them into different sub-menus was causing an issue. This issue has now been resolved, any changes made using drag and drop will apply successfully in the management portal, and these will display as expected on the website and app.

  • Users who were already logged into Redbox management and then attempted to process a new invite were experiencing an issue with registration. This has now been resolved and any signed-in users will be logged out of their account when opening the registration link, before they can proceed with new registration.

  • Certain campaign segments were missing in the management portal. This has now been resolved and users should be able to view and use all the segments set up in the management portal.

6.7.1 Maintenance


  • BETA CLOSED - FEATURE PAUSED Campaign Revenue Tracker - Estimated Tracked Revenue - This Tracked Revenue element of this feature was released in Beta 6.7. We are now closing this beta test to pause part of this feature and make improvements. We plan to improve push open tracking to ensure the revenue tracked is more accurate before releasing this element of this feature.

6.7 Services



  • Outlet-Specific Discount Codes - You can now create a discount code that your customers can only use at a specific outlet. You can also specify a range of outlets, for example, all your fish and chip outlets, or all your pizza outlets that a discount code will apply to.

  • Campaign Revenue Tracker - Additional information has been added to the Marketing Campaigns overview to provide Marketplaces with useful data on your campaigns, such as Deliveries, Email/Push Open, Bounce Rate, Email Clicks and BETA CLOSED - FEATURE PAUSED estimated Tracked Revenue.


  • Editing or moving option items on a menu item within the Redbox Management Portal caused performance issues for some users, updates have been applied to resolve this issue.

  • Sometimes Meta Business was not successfully synchronising with your marketplace’s Redbox customer data, this is now synchronising successfully.

  • The download and email buttons were not available on the invoices by outlet report for week 43 (w/c Monday 23 October 2023), this has now been resolved. Draft Invoices are also now available.

6.6.1 Maintenance



  • SMS Sender ID - This allows the marketplace to define the SMS sender ID that will display as the message sender on the customers' phone. Users can set their SMS sender ID by navigating to the Redbox Management Portal → Marketplaces → Select the required marketplace → Messaging → SMS Sender ID.


  • Menu Exports - Users can now define how they would like to use the exported data, i.e. to update existing menus or to create new items. This will provide the user with the CSV file with the required setup for ease of use.

  • Business Onboarding - In the Redbox Management Portal, users can now use the new Marketplace filter to refine the list of businesses which have completed the onboarding form on a marketplace website. This list will also be displayed with pagination,

  • Customer Data - The customer’s last seen data was not accurate, we have now replaced the customer’s last seen data with the customer’s last order data. This will display the date and time of the customer's last order.


  • When using the Meta Synchronisation on the Redbox Management Portal, if any errors were encountered while adding a new audience, they were not displayed to allow the user to resolve the issue. The Redbox Management Portal will now display errors that are being provided by Meta.

  • When importing a menu item using the menu import feature a sentry error would occur, this has now been resolved.

  • When dark mode was enabled in the Redbox Management Portal, and a user navigated to the menu using the tree view, the menu item prices were not visible. This has now been resolved.

  • Paybox-enabled outlets would incorrectly see a TEST label on their financials tab, this has now been removed to avoid confusion.

6.6 Services



  • Redbox Billing - Redbox provides marketplaces with add-on features which are chargeable as subscriptions. Billing allows marketplaces to set up a direct debit and subscribe to the add-on features available and enables SMS costs to be collected.

  • Marketing with Meta Business Suite - Redbox now allows marketplaces to synchronise their customer data with the Meta Business Suite. This enables you to synchronise your customer information to a Meta Custom Audience, including your customers' current order value (lifetime value). This Meta Custom Audience can be used to retarget existing customers and build Lookalike audiences to help you target new high-value customers.

  • SMS Marketing - marketplaces with a marketing subscription can now choose to send marketing messages to customers via SMS.


  • The single customer view in management, now offers more customer-specific data, such as the customer's age and last seen. Additionally, the phone number, Email and Stripe customer ID have a copy button for ease of use.


  • In management, the single-customer view was poorly laid out for mobile devices, making it difficult to read. The single-customer view has not been made clearer and easier to read when viewing on a mobile device.

  • In management, the marketing campaigns' open rate and bounce rates columns were unclear that they were specific to emails only. These columns have now been updated to Email Open / Bounce Rates to eliminate confusion.

6.5.5 Maintenance



  • In management the business profile field displayed a "155 character limit" warning, this has now been removed.

  • In management the business discount data appeared poorly laid out, making it difficult to read. The view of the business discount data is now clear and users can easily view the data.

  • In management, the search business functionality was not returning data when exclamation marks were used in outlet and business names, which caused issues when inviting a business-level user. Businesses are now searchable when the name contains an exclamation mark.

  • In management, the link from the add-on sale tooltip was broken. This link now directs users to the add-on sale feature.

  • When accessing the menu preview link the location modal was displayed if the user's location was unavailable. The location modal has been disabled on web preview links. Please note that these links should not be used for ordering, and should only be used to preview the menu.

  • In management, the menu web preview button was not available on some outlets, this button is now available on outlets where the marketplace website setup is complete and available.

  • In management the delivery zones picker was incorrectly displaying zones that had already been applied to an outlet, this picker now only displays zones which are available.

6.5.4 Maintenance



  • Some users had an issue accessing the basket when visiting a direct outlet link on the ordering website, as their location was not being requested. These users are now asked for their location if it is not already available, which means they can view the basket.

6.5.3 Maintenance



  • The menu preview accessible from management had an issue loading menus for deactivated businesses. Menu previews can now be viewed for active and deactivated businesses.

  • When resetting the pin for a terminal in management, the terminal was remaining logged in. Resetting the terminal pin in management now logs out of the terminal, ready for the new pin to be entered.

6.5.2 Maintenance



  • Infrastructure changes to resolve issues in release 6.5

6.5.1 Maintenance



  • Infrastructure changes to resolve issues in release 6.5

6.5 Services


As part of this release, we have made major behind-the-scenes system-wide improvements. The development and testing teams at Redbox have carried out testing to reduce potential disruption to our users and your customers. We have also improved error observability and if you experience an issue you may be asked to provide more information.

Should you experience any issues following this release you can complete an issue report via our Support Desk. For guidance on writing an effective issue report please see our Feature Requests and Issue Reporting guide.


  • The introduction of a new performance monitoring and error tracking tool within the Redbox Management Portal. This tool will provide the Redbox Team with data on performance issues and errors within the portal and the conditions under which they occur, allowing the team to identify these issues and resolve them sooner.

  • The terminal list now offers additional filters. Users can now filter the list by terminal versions and outlets.

  • Businesses now require at least one category tag to be assigned before being activated.

  • Menu Import and Export feature is now available to all users.


  • The App Update Prompt has been updated to a dropdown selection populated with app versions available. This is to reduce user error.

  • Multi-Outlet Terminal Feature can now be enabled on marketplaces by Partner users.

  • The Redbox Management Portal has been optimised to be more user-friendly on mobile web browsers.

  • Marketplace Owners can now access the blacklisting feature on their marketplace.

  • Marketplace Owners can no longer edit the marketplace map, to prevent accidental editing or deletion of this map.


  • Menus which were imported would not allow the user to set the menu’s availability, this issue has now been resolved.

  • On the customer ordering website, when some customers navigated to a collection-only outlet and returned to the outlet list, the customer would be unable to change fulfilment. This issue has now been resolved.

  • Marketing emails sent with images would display an incorrect image layout on the Microsoft Outlook app. This issue has been resolved, however, users will need to update their templates. To do this navigate to Redbox Management Portal → Marketplaces → Select the required marketplace → Email Themes → select ‘Save’, to apply the changes. Once the Email Themes have been resaved, marketing emails with images will be received with the expected layout.

  • Users were unable to add a delivery zone with a delivery cost of £0.00 to the outlet, this issue has now been resolved.

6.4.5 Maintenance 10 May 2023



  • Delivery windows with a Preorder Limit set to 0, or a Preorder Limit which has been met would incorrectly be visible to customers on the app for selection. Customers who selected these windows would not be able to place an order. This issue has now been resolved, delivery windows which have a Preorder Limit set to 0 or a Preorder Limit that has been met will no longer display in the app.

6.4.4 Maintenance 26 Apr 2023



  • Various performance optimisations for delivery window and preorder calculations.

6.4.3 Maintenance 12 Apr 2023



  • Preorders placed anytime for fulfilment after midnight were incorrectly being rejected, this issue has now been resolved.

  • Orders with delayed payment authentication were incorrectly showing as rejected, we have updated the handling of webhooks from Stripe to resolve this issue.

6.4.2 Maintenance 8 Mar 2023



  • Menus on the terminal required a server change to support scheduled menus.

6.4.1 Maintenance 7 Mar 2023



  • In management the scroll bar was missing when editing menu options, this has now been resolved.

  • Marketplace messaging had an issue where some successful messages were not available in management, this has now been resolved and all messages can be viewed.

6.4 Services 28 Feb 2023



  • Menu Importing and Exporting - This feature is a powerful tool which allows users to import and export their menus, menu items, options and option items. Users can now quickly and easily update large menus, make bulk changes menus/options or create new menus/options.

6.3.3 Maintenance 23 Feb 2023



  • Viewing order details in management for orders created before Delivery Windows were introduced would open a blank order details window, this has now been resolved.

6.3.2 Maintenance 22 Feb 2023



  • Promoted outlets caused an error on some customer ordering websites when the user tried to return to the homepage, this no longer causes an issue and the customer can navigate back.

  • The taxes report navigation buttons have been updated.

6.3.1 Maintenance 15 Feb 2023



  • Retail outlet customer ordering websites now have wording in their page descriptions which is better suited to retail marketplaces.

  • Some ordering websites had an issue with app link buttons not responding on some mobile devices, this has been resolved.

Stuart Integration Updates

6.3 Services 7 Feb 2023


Stuart Integration Updates

  • Central Marketplace Stuart Accounts - We have updated the Stuart integration to enable marketplaces to link a single Stuart account to a marketplace, instead of individual Stuart Accounts for each outlet. If you would like to change over to this setup you will need to migrate your marketplace, and you should do this at a time when your outlets using Stuart will not be affected by the unavailability of Stuart while you make this change.

  • Outlet Pickup Notes - Pickup notes can now be set on a Stuart delivery zone when the zone is applied to an outlet. For example, these could be “Please pick up from the red door at the back”. These notes are sent to Stuart as part of the booking and can be seen by the rider to help them complete pickup.

  • Marketplace Name on Stuart Bookings - Bookings made with Stuart now have the Marketplace name included in the booking details. If you are using a central Stuart account the Marketplace name is in the Company Name field on the Stuart booking and the outlet name is in the First Name field of the pickup details. If you are using an individual Stuart account the Marketplace name will be in the Company Name field as well as the outlet name in brackets, and the outlet name is in the First Name field of the pickup details.

  • Lat/Long Coordinates added to Stuart Bookings - To help with geocoding on Stuart bookings the lat/long of the pickup and dropoff location are now sent to Stuart as part of the booking if the lat/long can be found from the entered address.

  • Entered address added to Stuart Bookings - To help riders resolve addresses which could not be geocoded we have added the entered address in the pickup and dropoff comments. These are shown as well as any outlet pickup notes.

  • Updates to Stuart Pickup when Outlets Accept Orders Late - Previously when accepting a Stuart order if the outlet waited a while to accept the order this resulted in the outlet having less time to prepare the order and Stuart not having enough time to get to the outlet on time, especially when preparation time is as low as 15 or 20 minutes. We have updated the order acceptance process for Stuart orders so that the Stuart pickup time is calculated from the time the order is accepted, and the order on the terminal and receipt is updated accordingly.

    • For example, The customer orders for 15:00 delivery and pickup is at 14:30. Preparation time for this outlet is 20 minutes, and the order is sent to the outlet. The outlet waits 10 minutes before accepting the order, which previously would have meant Stuart would only have 10 minutes to get to pick-up, but now on accept pickup is moved forward by 10 minutes to 14:40 and drop off moved to 15:10. This new pickup time is printed on the receipt that prints when the order is accepted and shows on the terminal.



  • Sold-out menu items should be indicated in management with a red circle on the menu item, this red dot was missing and has been reinstated.

  • Data for network order totals were missing from the automated statement row for total delivery commission, though this data is included in the commission Net total. Network order totals have now been added to the delivery row on the statement on automated invoices.

  • Individual item notes were missing from the receipt that is emailed to outlets that have opted to receive an order notification email. These notes have now been added to the emailed receipt and to the receipt that can be printed from management.

  • Line breaks in menu item descriptions were not honoured on the website, you can now add line breaks to a menu description in management and the website will honour these line breaks.

  • The usage report for Business Discounts were missing on Discount Details, this has now been reinstated.

6.2.10 Maintenance 19 Jan 2023



6.2.9 Maintenance 12 Jan 2023



  • A date/time issue was causing problems with menus and the sold-out feature, this has now been resolved.

  • Dashboards were also affected by this date issue and this has now also been resolved.

  • Order details VAT was displaying incorrectly in the detailed order view, this has now been updated to reflect the correct service charge VAT depending on how your marketplace charges VAT on service charges.

6.2.8 Maintenance 10 Jan 2023



  • We have updated Redbox to ensure we can provide accurate VAT information on orders for VAT-registered businesses. This is to ensure that businesses can provide HMRC with accurate digital VAT reports as part of Making Tax Digital.

    • Invoices generated by Redbox for VAT-registered businesses now include a separate sheet that details all VAT charged to customers on products, delivery charges and service charges.

    • This VAT information is also available on the new Sales and Taxes report, for businesses that do not receive Redbox-generated invoices or who need to generate a VAT report for a custom timescale.

  • You can find out more about how we calculate VAT on products, delivery charges and service charges in this article: Reporting Guide for Businesses


  • Businesses can choose to receive an email alerting them to a pending order. These pending order emails were being sent for orders where the customer failed 3DS checks, we have updated this process to no longer send a pending order email for these types of failed orders.

  • Wording on Redbox generated invoices has been updated from “Excluding Service Charge” to “Excluding service charge & delivery charge“ on the Total card value and Total cash value rows.

6.2.7 Maintenance 8 Dec 2022



  • Business Users and Outlet Users were able to filter their Sales by Product report by day only, this has been updated to allow these users to filter this report by day, week, month or custom.

  • Customers were incorrectly receiving failed order emails, the instances for when the email is sent have now been updated.

6.2.6 Maintenance 1 Dec 2022



  • Fixed marketplace charges do not calculate VAT if your marketplace is not VAT registered.

  • When adding a new terminal the settings now default to grouping menu items on the receipt.

  • Add-on sale options now default to rounding the customer's basket to £1.00 when you create a new business.

  • Usage and value of add-on items are now included in the Sales by Outlet report.

  • Paybox payout frequency was sometimes defaulting to daily payouts for new accounts, this is now always weekly payouts on a Friday.

  • Outlet users were unable to access the menu to mark items in and out of stock, this is now resolved.

  • Menu editing has been improved and you can now save your menu item by pressing CTRL+S.

  • App Store and Google Play Store icons now no longer display in the website footer for marketplaces that have not specified an App store and Google Play Store URL.

6.2.5 Maintenance 16 Nov 2022



  • Date pickers on reports were causing multiple requests when each date was picked, we have updated the pickers to reduce the number of requests when picking a single day.

  • Support links throughout management have been updated to signpost to the new Redbox Support pages.

  • We have made various fixes to improve the performance of reports and order views.

6.2.4 Maintenance 07 Sep 2022



  • Discount codes were not been honoured on the last date of the set date range.

6.2.3 Maintenance 11 Aug 2022



  • Marketplace Overview - we have added an overview of your marketplace’s sales, Outlets, Terminals, Discounts, Delivery Zones, and app versions to the management portal.


  • We have added a Marketplace Name column to the downloadable CSV Sales Report, to assist with marketplace manual invoicing.

  • Paybox has been updated to allow sole traders to register for an account without a Companies House number.


  • The days offered slider for preorders were not being correctly honoured for some outlets, this issue has now been resolved.

  • Customer VAT has been updated in the orders view to correctly assign the service charge VAT based on marketplace settings.

6.2.2 Maintenance 18 Jul 2022



  • DNS improvements - we have made some small changes to the DNS details on the marketplace to reduce user error.

  • Refunds - Partner-level users are now able to access the refund button on completed orders.

  • Terminals - terminals can no longer be accidentally removed from all outlets on the Redbox Management Portal.

  • Email Order Receipt to Outlet - we have added a link to the order in Redbox Management Portal on the email received by businesses when an order is placed.

  • Some marketplaces like to use £0 discounts for other types of discounts, so you can now set a business discount to £0 or 0%.


  • Some menus were not displaying when loaded at midnight on Sunday, this has now been resolved.

  • Some promoted outlets where not ordering correctly according to their status, this has now been resolved.

  • The recruit businesses section of the website could not be disabled if business onboarding was enabled, this has now been resolved, which means you can use a link in your header and footer to link to the business onboarding form instead of the section of the website.

6.2.1 Maintenance 05 Jul 2022 



  • An infrastructure issue with the auto-reject scheduler caused it to sometimes stop working, this has been resolved.

  • Marketplace owners now have access to the reject feature in the order view.

6.2 Services  28 Jul 2022



  • Paybox Direct Business Payments - Payments can now be processed through Paybox and payments are made directly to businesses. Marketplaces using Paybox do not need to make manual payouts. Please get in touch if you would like to migrate your marketplace to Paybox.

  • Full Refunds - Completed orders can be fully refunded in Redbox Management (this feature is not available to Businesses that are part of a marketplace, please contact your marketplace to request a refund on a completed order).


  • Add-on items' order value is now stored as a value in the transactions table.

  • We have made improvements to the invoicing system to improve stability and change the time when invoices are emailed to businesses.

  • App builds are now restricted to versions that are supported by Apple App Store and Google Play requirements.


  • Some outlets were incorrectly offering preorder days beyond day five, these outlets now only offer the correct preorder days.

  • An issue with the fulfilment picker for menus was causing menus to be displayed for the incorrect fulfilment types, this has now been resolved.

6.1.12 Maintenance 13 Jun 2022 



  • Users can now see the status of an invoice PDF in Redbox Management, and resend the invoice email if required.

  • Add on items were still being offered at checkout if they were marked as out of stock, out of stock add-on items are no longer offered as part of checkout.

6.1.11 Maintenance 31 May 2022



  • Added support for customer account deletion.

6.1.10 Maintenance 26 May 2022 



  • Customers were unable to use a discount code on a Sunday, this issue has now been resolved and codes can be used on a Sunday if valid.

  • When using a discount code and the customer failed or cancelled SCA (Strong Customer Authentication), the discount code would incorrectly be set to ‘used’, these discounts are now made available again.

  • When an outlet uses the ‘Close’ function on a terminal/virtual terminal, some outlets that had restricted opening times or preorder settings were incorrectly displayed. This has now been fixed and these outlets display according to Ordering Business Logic.

6.1.9 Maintenance 19 May 2022



  • Added support for terminal version 165+

6.1.7 Maintenance 16 May 2022 



  • ‘No Preorders Before Opening’ has been updated to allow you to enable or disable all preorders, including any preorders that are made while the outlet is open. All outlets that previously enabled ‘No Preorders Before Opening’ will be migrated to all preorders disabled. Outlets that have preorders disabled will only be able to accept ASAP orders and will display as ‘Opening Later’ or ‘Order From Tomorrow/day’ while they are outside of their opening hours. When selecting a time for their order, customers can load a time picker, if preorders are disabled this will display 'Preordering is not available for this business'. This feature requires an app update to version 4.0.3+ for all preorders to be disabled.

  • ASAP order times have been updated to only display the end of the delivery window on the ordering website, for example, Today (ASAP) by 14:25. This makes it clear to customers that an ASAP order could arrive any time between order creation and the end of the delivery window. This does not apply to preorders which still display the start and the end of the delivery window.

  • The variable used to display order times in transactional emails and push notifications has also been updated to only show the end of the delivery window for ASAP orders, to match the changes made on the ordering website for ASAP orders.

  • The allergy advice popup on the ordering website has been updated to say ‘business’ instead of ‘restaurant’, to allow for other types of ecommerce.


  • Discount codes were incorrectly allowing multiple uses of codes when they were set to single-use, these codes can now only be used once by each customer.

  • Fixed value discount codes could cause orders with negative figures, this is no longer possible as discount codes only apply to the subtotal of the basket, and any remaining value is now lost. Customers must still pay service and delivery fees on orders where the subtotal is zero.

  • The discounts code page on management had a pagination issue, you can now navigate to page two and beyond.

  • Some management users with access to multiple marketplaces had an issue inviting Business-level users as the Business picker would not load, this has now been resolved by changing the picker to a search field.

6.1.6 Maintenance 10 May 2022



  • There was an issue with the creation of some push endpoints, this has now been resolved and all endpoints are registering correctly.

  • Table service QR code PDFs were unable to generate due to a missing font, we have reinstated this font and these PDFs now generate as expected.

6.1.5 Maintenance 04 May 2022 



  • Improved discount code usage data to make it easier to identify which order and outlet a code was applied to.

  • Removed the sold-out feature when creating a new menu item option, as an option has to be created and saved before it can be marked sold out.

  • Marketplace owners uses can now edit messaging email settings.

  • Businesses created by the onboarding process do not link to the business until they have been approved.

  • Marketing options have been updated in management in web to work for all types of businesses.

  • Error messages when you try to add an existing terminal in management have been improved.

  • Outlet dashboard has been updated to show more accurate ordering times.


  • Add on sale items were not correctly displayed for all fulfilment types, they now display for the fulfilment types chosen in the menu settings.

  • Add on sale items were not calculating correctly when some discounts are applied, these are now correctly priced.

  • Outlets created via the onboarding process were missing delivery windows, default windows are now created when the outlet is created.

  • Some invoices sent via email were missing data which caused them to fail to download, these invoices are now complete.

  • When adding options to a menu item, unsaved changes were lost, these are now saved before the option is added.

  • Sales by product report link to the menu item failed to open the item, this has been resolved.

  • Email order confirmation receipt had an alignment issue which has now been resolved.

6.1.4 Maintenance 21 Apr 2022 



  • Email input for Business Invoice has been updated, it now has the same input as on Messaging Templates tab.

  • The ordering time on the outlet list has been updated to correctly show the next time/day the outlet is open.

  • Ordering Times on the outlet's information page has been updated to show the correct times.


  • Some invoices failed to send to outlets, these are all now sent correctly.

  • Some small UI fixes in management.

  • The show-delivery-windows toggle on the virtual terminal in management was not displaying windows, this toggle now shows the order’s full delivery window.

  • Some add on sale items were not calculating correctly. This was due to some types of discounts and has been resolved.

6.1.3 Maintenance 14 Apr 2022 



  • Order details in management have been updated to show the customers chosen window as well as the current window so that users can easily see if the order time has been changed by the business.

  • Order receipts in the order view have been updated to show delivery windows.

  • Order email receipts sent to outlet users when an order has been created have been updated for delivery windows.

  • The virtual terminal in management has been updated for delivery windows.

  • Add on items are now cleared from the basket when the customer changes fulfilment type.


  • Hidden menu items were not displaying correctly on the ordering website, we have ensured these menu items are hidden.

  • DNS status in the management portal was incorrect for existing marketplaces, these now display correctly.

  • Delivery times were missing for preorder outlets on the marketing website, due to an issue with the data on a Sunday, this has been resolved.

  • One of our marketplaces experienced an issue with the data for their area map, we have updated the maps so they can be redrawn if deletion causes an issue.

  • Business onboarding had an issue with their outlets when the business owner had not completed registration, outlets now display even if the user has not registered yet.

  • Transaction aggregates that are used for creating invoices had an issue with recaptured orders that we have resolved.

6.1 Service 06 Apr 2022 


This release includes new features and improvements to management, please refer to the New features and important changes information guide for details.


  • Delivery Windows - Changes delivery from a single timeslot to a window with a start and end time. Delivery windows length can be edited, which allows for outlets that would prefer longer delivery windows. Delivery windows also provide a better customer experience and expectations for the completion of their delivery.

  • Preorder Limits - Specify how many pre-orders an outlet would like to receive per delivery window, which helps outlets manage their delivery capacity.

  • Enable/Disable ASAP Orders - Disabling ASAP orders is useful for outlets that have their ‘days offered’ slider set to 2+, as this would mean all orders need to be placed the day before delivery is due. Useful for bakeries and other outlets that only offer next day delivery.

  • Discount Codes - This new discount type includes a code that the customer needs to enter at checkout to qualify. Currently, these codes are marketplace wide, this feature will be updated soon to allow you to generate codes that are specific to a business.

  • Business Messaging - Message businesses from within Redbox and receive replies directly to the management portal. This makes it simple to communicate with all the businesses on your marketplace. This requires DNS setup before you can receive emails into Redbox.

  • SMS Marketing - Charges apply, please contact us for further information.

  • Marketplace DNS Settings - This enables you to set up your own DNS settings for your marketplace and troubleshoot DNS setup errors.

  • Multi-Outlet Terminals - Enables multiple outlets to use one terminal, a terminal software upgrade is required 170.0+ to support this feature before it is used.

  • Email Invoices - Automatically email weekly invoice PDFs to your outlets, you can enable this at marketplace and outlet level.


  • Improved customer phone number validation to ensure mobile numbers are correct.

  • Improved customer ordering website performance following the implementation of delivery windows.

  • Terminals and outlets are now deleted when a marketplace is archived.

  • Updated business type options on marketplace details, to allow for non-restaurant marketplaces.

  • Add a minimum of 5 minutes to the auto-reject process, to ensure outlets with very short prep and delivery times do not have orders auto-rejecting immediately.

  • Added auto-reject time to detailed order view in management, so you can quickly see when an order is due to auto-reject.

  • Add on items feature now shows a maximum of five items, to avoid customers receiving the same items every time they checkout.

  • Added delivery window info in detailed order view, so you can see the delivery window the customer chose.

  • Added option to show delivery window in orders list settings, so all delivery windows are easily visible.

  • Updated ordering website for delivery windows, so customers can place delivery orders for windows not slots.

  • Added opt-out option for SMS marketing for customers.

  • Updated error message when outlet geocoding is missing, so users know why they are not able to set outlet delivery options.

  • Updated discount details in the management order view, so that users can see the type of discount used.

  • Updated restaurants to businesses on management in the website tab.

  • Change terminal tab in management to allow for multi-outlet terminals.

  • Updated opening times to ordering times, as opening times is not an accurate term.

  • Updated delivery window picker in ordering website to disable delivery windows that are full, to allow for the new order limits feature.

  • Updated build failed message for starting an app build.


  • Marketing metrics were displaying incorrectly, we have resolved this data issue.

  • When creating a marketing segment that included a postcode some push notifications were not sent, this was due to a synchronisation issue with customers with no address which has been resolved.

  • Table service menu catching was slightly delayed, causing customers to be unable to order from a new table service menu until the cache had expired. We have ensured new menus do not display until they can be ordered from.

  • Sold out feature was not behaving correctly for collection and table service menus, now items are sold out across all fulfilment types.

  • Images on the website settings in management were unable to be uploaded due to a conflict with Stripe settings. This also affected website services settings. You can now upload images and change settings again without Stripe being attached to your marketplace.

  • App settings changes were unable to be saved due to a UI issue that has been resolved.

  • When multiple outlets were assigned to a terminal in management this caused permissions issues. Multiple outlet terminals now display correctly in management.

  • Outlet users had an issue with being assigned to multiple outlets, and with the outlet picker when editing or creating an outlet user, these issues have been resolved.

  • When selecting a collection order on the ordering website the word ‘today’ was missing from the delivery time. This now displays correctly.

  • When creating a new menu item the price would incorrectly be set to zero if you pressed enter to save the form. Pressing enter now saves the form with the correct price.

  • Partner level users were unable to be assigned to more than two partners. They can now be assigned to multiple partners.

  • When payments were recaptured due to missing rows on the transactions table, this sometimes caused an issue with aggregates used to generate invoice data. This has now been resolved.

  • Business owners were not receiving a confirmation email when submitting their data via the onboarding feature. These emails are now correctly sent.

6.0.2 Maintenance 22 Feb 2022 


This release includes:

  • RED-4160 Updated location services menu design on the ordering website.

  • RED-4177 Fixed filtering issue on terminals list

  • RED-4184 Fixed issue when trying to add/remove businesses to a business user account.

  • RED-4172 Fixed issue with Restaurant User in profile.

  • RED-4181  Added feature flag to marketplace to disable multi outlet terminals.

  • RED-4187 Fixed authentication issue when terminals are not assigned to an outlet.

  • RED-4192 Fixed issue with returning card authentication to customers cards when order auto rejected

6.0.1 Maintenance 16 Feb 2022 


  • RED-4163 Fixed sold-out feature

  • RED-4166 Fixed collection outlets issue

  • RED-4161 Fixed issue with add on sale modal

  • RED-4167 Removed partner info from business dashboard

  • RED-4168 Fixed statement descriptor issue with long marketplace names

  • RED-4169 Fixed issue with terminals on outlet dashboard

6.0 Services 16 Feb 2022 


This release includes new features and improvements to management, please refer to the New features and important changes information guide for details.

This release includes:

  • RED-670 RED-1337 RED-4063 Strong Customer Authentication implemented on the customer ordering website (This will require an app update RM-370).

  • RED-2281 RED-2956  Direct Payments Feature.

  • RED-3600 RED-4136 Updated Stuart integration to allow for 15-minute minimum prep.

  • RED-3512 RED-4065  Added new feature Member discounts feature (This feature will need an app update RM-367).

  • RED-3750 RED-3844 RED-3845 RED-3846 RED-3865 RED-4062 RED-4159  Updates to add on items feature (This feature will need an app update RM-11).

  • RED-3318 Business user (was restaurant user) can no longer deactivate their business.

  • RED-3540 Fixed an issue with editing/marking sold out a duplicated option.

  • RED-3862  Enabled 'cash' payment option to be relabelled in ordering website (This feature will need an app update RM-359).

  • RED-3007 RED-3258 RED-3250  Add location services to the ordering website, this feature is not enabled by default.

  • RED-3184  Business Messaging Feature, so marketplace owners can send emails to all their outlets.

  • RED-3369  Users can now delete Delivery Zones.

  • RED-3429 RED-3626 RED-3664  Categories Feature (this will need an app and website update RM-336).

  • RED-3665 Issue with basket times when outlet has no opening times for the active day.

  • RED-3666 Change Restaurant terminology to “Business” in management.

  • RED-3681 RED-3700 RED-3761 RED-3764 RED-4019 RED-4023 RED-4032 RED-4051 RED-4053 RED-4086 RED-2090 RED-2848 Many small improvements to management.

  • RED-4156 Added customer agent details to order view, to able you to see if the customer used the website or app for ordering.

  • RED-1358  Users can now add multiple outlets to a terminal, but this feature requires a terminal update. Do not assign terminals to multiple outlets till terminals are updated.

  • RED-1113 RED-3193  New image library feature - this feature is built but is not available until the ordering website and app are updated.

5.6.8 Maintenance 31 Jan 2022 


This release includes:

  • RED-3989  Resolved issue with reports for Stuart deliveries where the merchant receives the delivery charge

  • RED-3990 Added variable to email templates to expose the Stuart tracking link to customers

  • RED-3797 Added total cash received row to invoices

  • RED-3812 Added value to the commission rows on statement

  • RED-3866 Added two extra columns to advanced transactions report for acceptedAt and refundedAt

5.6.7 Maintenance 17 Jan 2022 


This release includes:

  • RED-3819 Resolved issue with invoices that included a cash refund made over one hour after order accept

  • RED-3874 Resolved an issue with outlets when days offered is set to 1:1

5.6.6 Maintenance 10 Jan 2022 


This release includes:

  • RED-3790 Updated add on item menu UI descriptions in management

  • RED-3775 Updated the status of outlets that do not accept pre-orders outside their opening times

  • RED-3782 Added status messages to the Stuart integration process so that users can see why verification may have failed when adding Stuart to an outlet

  • RED-3799 Resolved issue with the Minimum Purchase Price toggle

  • RED-3815 Resolved invoice generation issue

  • RED-3816 Resolved issue with invoices related to recaptured orders

5.6.5 Maintenance 30 Nov 2021 


This release includes:

  • RED-3781 Resolved issue with add on items price not changing after the order has gone through

  • RED-3773 Update management order view with a tag 'Add-on- next to add on items in the order (This needs a terminal release to update terminal RED-3788). 

  • RED-3779 Add 'offer' under ad-on sale items in the receipt (This needs a terminal release to update terminal RED-3787). 

5.6.4 Maintenance 29 Nov 2021 


This release includes:

  • RED-3748 Resolved issue with not being able to disable 'Set Default Minimum Purchase Price Percentage' under Financials.

  • RED-3749 Update when min purchase price toggle is displayed

  • RED-3768 Resolved issue with refunds created on a Sunday are not reflected in the invoices

  • RED-3744 Resolved issue with Sales green button shows as Skip instead of Checkout when you have already added add-on sale items in your basket

  • RED-3770 Resolved issue with when the Add-on feature is off, the add-on sale menus in Financials will be visible but you can’t activate it

  • RED-3746 Add-on sale item custom input

5.6.3 Maintenance 25 Nov 2021 


This release includes:

  • RED-3754 Updated Marketplace Owner permissions so that custom commission rates and basket fees can be set on restaurants.

5.6.2 Maintenance 22 Nov 2021 


This release includes:

  • RED-2268 Enabled add-on sale feature for checkout (This feature needs an app release to update mobile apps and it will be in the next app release RM-11). 

  • RED-3717 Resolved issue with add-on sale menu display

  • RED-3739 Resolved issue with users creating add on sale items with incorrect pricing

  • RED-3740 Resolved issue with removing add on sale items from the basket

  • RED-3719 Added a danger icon when disabling add-on sale menu items to help users in management

  • RED-3720 Updated the add-on sale message at the checkout

  • RED-3723 Added CSV download to invoices reports

  • RED-3730 Resolved issue when trying to send a new app build in management

  • RED-3741 Updated add-on sale items green button text on the website so it's clear that users can skip the next step

5.6.1 Maintenance 17 Nov 2021 


This release includes:

  • RED-3715 Updated invoicing permissions so  Marketplace Owners have access.

  • RED-3690 Split delivery column on Sales report by Restaurant delivery and Network delivery.

  • RED-3709 Resolved issue with email templates missing their background on iOS in dark mode.

5.6 Services 15 Nov 2021 


This release includes:

  • RED-3529 Added a new field for marketplace terminology in management, this feature changes the terminology on the mobile app from Restaurant to Retail.

  • RED-3523 RED-3686 Added a new feature flag for the allergy information feature in management (This feature needs an app release to update mobile apps and it will be in the next app release RM-237). 

  • RED-3590 Resolved issue with menu item options positions when creating new options.

  • RED-3595 Updated outlet creation so that default opening times are created.

  • RED-3667 Resolved issue with the time displayed on outlets that do not allow preorders.

  • RED-3539 Resolved issue with the logo size in email templates.

  • RED-3601 Resolved issue with the restaurant user access for the product sales report.

  • RED-3509 Resolved issue with campaign visibility after creation.

  • RED-3526 Resolved issue with updating email branding when marketing place branding changed.

  • RED-3543 Added SKU and Bulk item fields to menu items on management.

  • RED-3523 Updated the headline text on Table order view when order is marked as Ready.

  • RED-3547 Resolved issue with category creation when a category has been archived.

  • RED-3645 Updated parter permissions to enable access to additional features.

  • RED-3571 Resolved issue with invoice service charge VAT.

  • RED-3569 Resolve issues with invoices for refunds that take place in the same billing week that the order was accepted.

5.5.6 Maintenance 27 Oct 2021 


This release includes:

  • RED-3623  Resolved an issue with domains names on the marketplace details page in management.

5.5.5 Maintenance 27 Oct 2021 


This release includes:

  • RED-3593  Resolved issue with validation on the favicon field on management.

  • RED-3592  Resolved issue with email configuration when setting up a new marketplace.

5.5.3 Maintenance 21 Oct 2021 


This release includes:

  • RED-3535  Resolved issue with the order of menu items options in the customer order view.

5.5.1 Services 18 Oct 2021 


This release includes:

  • RED-3559  Resolved issue with menu item visibility when moving an item to another menu.

  • RED-3558 Resolved issue with verifying Stuart integrations when adding Stuart to an outlet.

5.5 Services 14 Oct 2021 


This release includes:

  • RED-3410  Menu list enhancements, quickly view/edit item prices, review allergy and age restriction flags, easily see sold-out items.

  • RED-3355  Add new 12.5% rate.

  • RED-3471  Added new invoice download feature, this feature is not complete. Invoices can be checked at this stage but not issued.

  • RED-3414 Changed active channels on the marketing dashboard to show 'Max Reach'.

  • RED-3449 Resolved issue with archived customers still receiving marketing emails.

  • RED-3511 Resolved issue with fail email template not rendering the dynamic text correctly.

  • RED-3522 Resolved issue with website hero banner in mobile view horizontally scrolling.

  • RED-3124 Resolved issue with custom restaurant financials override.

  • RED-3434 Updated text on the website in the basket when no delivery times are available.

  • RED-3455 Resolved issue on the website in the basket for closed outlets.

  • RED-3505 Added feature for 'add-on sale' items, this feature will require updates to the ordering website and apps.

  • RED-2278  Added a new feature so that outlets can disable pre-orders outside of their opening times.

  • RED-3202  Enabled 'no preorders outside of current opening times' feature in ordering website.

  • RED-3313  Added a filter in the marketplace report to search by Partner.

  • RED-3314  Added a Months to Date filter to the reports page.

  • RED-3315  Added a payment filter in the Orders view, where you can filter orders by either cash, card, or cash and card.

  • RED-3385  Added extra fields to menu items to support retail products and 'add-on sale' items.

  • RED-3406  Added a table sorting component for the restaurants, outlets, and terminal list in management.

  • RED-3407  Added a pop over to the paging component in management that allows you to jump more than one page at a time.

  • RED-3410  Menu list view collapse/ expand for easier sorting.

  • RED-3445 Removed restriction that prevents outlets from being activated outside the contractual map.

  • RED-3489 Resolved issue with the terminal server so that item options positions are returned.

  • RED-3525 Updated Xcode version automation to support iOS15.

5.4.4 Maintenance 08 Sep 2021 


This release includes:

  • RED-3424 Added a field to customer server to support preorder-only outlets in the future

  • RED-3436 Resolved issue with preorder slots for outlets that close early

  • RED-3286 Added simple merchant on-boarding 

5.4.3 Maintenance 06 Sep 2021 


This release includes an update to our previous changes to delivery and collection slots. ASAP slots are still being calculated accurately based on the outlet prep and delivery time settings, and are based on the time the customer began to build the basket. If the customer takes a long time to build their basket this accurate ASAP time will be updated.

Pre-order times are now based on the time the outlet opens, plus prep or prep and delivery times. If the customer takes a long time to build a basket they will be moved to the next delivery slot and informed of the change. This is further work to support flexible delivery windows in the future.

  • RED-3404 Improved pre-order delivery slots and changing slots when customers take a long time to build a basket

  • RED-3419 Resolved layout issues with website footer in mobile view

  • RED-3420 Resolved layout issues with the date and marketplace pickers on the new billing report

5.4.2 Maintenance 25 Aug 2021 


  • RED-3386 Resolved issue with preorder times getting reset to asap times when adding a menu item or navigating to checkout on ordering website

  • RED-3390 Resolved issue with a white screen showing for outlets with no preorder slots 

  • RED-3381 Resolved issue with outlets not showing the correct number of preorder days

5.4.1 Maintenance 19 Aug 2021 


This release includes a new feature where delivery and collection slots will be calculated more accurately based on the outlet prep and delivery time settings. This will mean that on your ordering website the times in the picker will change, and these new times will show on your orders when they come to your terminal. For example you may see new slot times like 13:10, 13:25. If you would like your slots to remain as 13:15, 13:25 etc, please set your preparation times to 15 or 30, and your delivery times to 15 or 30.

  • RED-3204 Extended the number of days orders can be placed in advance, this feature is not enabled yet and will require an app update to support it. This update means that the delivery slots on the ordering website are calculated more accurately. This feature needs an app release to update mobile apps and it will be in the next app release RM-306 

  • RED-3281 Made improvements to contractural marketplace maps 

  • RED-3287 Added new maps at partner and marketplace level for checking contractural maps

  • RED-3292 Added additional fields to transactions report to support new billing report

  • RED-3361 Resolved issue with Stuart delivery orders showing as wrong order type in customer order view

  • RED-3278 Resolved an issue with the address on order rejected email

  • RED-3295 Improved reorder feature on web so you can reorder an order at any status

  • RED-3307  Added feature for custom links in website footer and navigation

  • RED-3311 Added error messages when trying to import an app with incomplete branding assets

  • RED-3327 Resolved an issue with changing outlet opening times adversely affecting outlet open status

  • RED-3329 Resolved an issue with some opening times causing an issue with time slots after midnight This feature needs an app release to update mobile apps and it will be in the next app release RM-301 

  • RED-3358 Resolved an issue with time slots when changing fulfilment type

  • RED-3312 Enhanced outlet search in management, you can now search by name, contact, restaurant name and marketplace

  • RED-3326 Resolved an issue with the sales by product report performance with large reports 

  • RED-3332 RED-3365 RED-3368 RED-3320 RED-3363 Resolved various smaller issues in management

5.4 Maintenance 22 Jul 2021 


This release includes:

  • RED-3273 Resolved an issue with the outlet activation toggle showing the wrong status

  • RED-3230 Resolved an issue on the website with multi outlet restaurants

  • RED-3231 Resolved an issue with table service special offer flags

  • RED-3003 Added a login modal on the website to help logged out users view their account page when accessing their details from an email

  • RED-3238 Resolved an issue with special offer flags for preorder outlets on web

  • RED-3232 Update 'Cuisines' to 'Categories' on the Restaurant info page in management

5.3.1 Maintenance 19 Jul 2021 


This release includes:

  • RED-3247 Added extra checks to ensure orders do not move from rejected to accepted.

  • RED-3245 Added minimum app version to marketplace so we can ask users to update their app.

  • RED-3241 Resolved issue with marketing feature segmentation count for customers that have ordered from a specific restaurant.

  • RED-3240 Added a warning when a user creates a push message that is over the maximum character limit.

  • RED-2944 RED-3256  Added a feature and feature flag for individual order items special instructions. This feature is not ready until all clients have been updated.

  • RED-3264 Resolve issue with out of stock items showing as available for table service order

5.3 Services 08 Jul 2021 


This release includes:

  • RED-2863  Promotional flags are now split by fulfilment type, this feature needs an app release to update mobile apps.

  • RED-3120  New preview menu feature added to management, so you can preview a menu of an inactive restaurant.

  • RED-3094  New email alert feature, you can now opt to receive email alerts for new orders on a marketplace. Just check the email checkbox against the business contact on the marketplace details page in management.

  • RED-3183  Added alert to marketing feature to warn user they have no call to action in marketing message.

  • RED-3182  Added marketplace link to header image in marketing and transactional emails.

  • RED-3227 Resolved issue with saving outlet details page.

  • RED-3226 Resolved issue with sold out items feature.

  • RED-3223 Resolved issue with info tab on ordering website.

  • RED-3220 Resolved issue with FAQs published status on management.

  • RED-3152 Prevented users accidentally sending a marketing campaign with no delivery methods selected.

  • RED-3142 RED-3141 Resolved two issues with outlet level user permissions.

  • RED-3059 Resolved issue with promoted outlets on the ordering website.

  • RED-2981 Updated the sales by outlet report to include archived outlets with orders.

  • RED-2958 Resolved issue with time picker when accepting an order in management.

5.2.1 Maintenance 05 Jul 2021 


This maintenance release includes some updates to improve the Stuart integration financials, and a small update to support changes to the list of restaurants providing collection in the mobile apps.

  • RED-3191 Updated payouts report so it is suitable for marketplace owners and made visible to these users.

  • RED-3192 Updated Stuart marketplace delivery payout settings so these can be set to pay the marketplace if needed.

  • RED-3196 Further updates to collection restaurant list to enable feature to be added to mobile apps.

5.2 Services 29 Jun 2021 


This release includes new features to enable a timescale to be specified when marking items sold out, a new feature for blacklisting addresses, and important updates to the marketing and app automation features

  • RED-2247 Website now shows all outlets providing collection within 10km of user's postcode, this feature needs an app release to update mobile apps.

  • RED-3047 Resolved caching issue when google maps API returns no results.

  • RED-3101 RED-2936 RED-2900 RED-2910 RED-3099 Resolved various small issues with app automation feature and prepared feature for release to marketplaces.

  • RED-3039 Added a custom checkout message to management and ordering website, this feature needs an app release to update mobile apps.

  • RED-3042 When only one payment method is available on the ordering website it is now selected by default.

  • RED-3096 RED-2948 RED-3030  RED-3131Resolved various small issues with marketing feature.

  • RED-3054  Open rates and bounce rates now available marketing campaign stats.

  • RED-2506  New option to delete a segment on marketing feature.

  • RED-2716  New social media icons added to marketing email templates.

  • RED-2640  New option to upload a custom image to the email template header.

  • RED-3119 Resolved issue with customer taxes when merchant is paying VAT on service fee.

  • RED-758  Timescale can be now be specified when marking an item sold out. Choose from no timescale, until next opening time, or a custom date and time. Sold out is now an outlet feature, but can still be accessed on the restaurant. You can easily see on the menu the sold out status for each outlet, and when it will come back into stock.

  • RED-1577  Menu items can now be hidden for each outlet. This means that if a restaurant has multiple outlets you can hide items that are not required on the menu at specific outlets, instead of marking the items sold out.

  • RED-2243  New ordering of menu item options within the menu editor.

  • RED-2560  Sold out now available on menu item options, this feature needs an app release to update mobile apps.

  • RED-2774 Added unit tests for transitions to speed up our testing process.

  • RED-3043  New feature to enable marketplaces to blacklist an address.

  • RED-3080 Resolved issue with user list at partner and marketplace level.

5.1.7 Maintenance 27 May 2021 


This release includes a management option to support alternative customer charge VAT setup, some important updates to the management portal, a new print menu feature, and a very useful duplicate menu options feature.

  • RED-2895  New toggle and calculations to charge merchant VAT on customer charge.

  • RED-3016 PERF Optimise previous restaurants by coordinates query.

  • RED-2931 Added outlet address to template variables, for use in email templates.

  • RED-2964 Added fulfilment filter to orders view on management portal.

  • RED-2244  New duplicate menu options feature to management portal (in restaurant > options> more menu).

  • RED-2966 Added rejection and cancelation notes to ordering website single order view.

  • RED-2967 Resolved issue with the status of cancelled orders on ordering website.

  • RED-2819  New print menu stylesheet to ordering website, and print menu feature to management portal. This new feature may require some further updates.

  • RED-3010 Resolved issue with track and trace feature for inactive outlets.

  • RED-3011  Added field to marketplace for custom checkout message, this requires an app update to display in app, and will be added to ordering website soon.

5.1.6 Maintenance 20 May 2021 


This release includes a major upgrade of Node.js to version 14, plus some smaller updates.

  • RED-1419 PERF Upgraded Node.js to version 14.

  • RED-2917 Added artefacts for Android Play Store mobile builds.

  • RED-2985 Added table service charge data to terminal server to facilitate table service receipts.

5.1.5 Maintenance 14 May 2021 


This release includes a new feature which enables table service orders to complete automatically, this helps high volume table service outlets reduce the volume of open orders and improve terminal performance. This release also includes a feature which enables you to print a QR code from your list of tables in the management portal. This QR code will link users directly to table service with the correct table already selected.

  • RED-2878  Added feature so you can link directly to a table service and a single table number in web. You can generate unique QR codes for each of your tables in the Management Portal.

  • RED-2954  Added a feature which enables table service orders to be automatically completed after a set period of time. To enable this features set the new slider on your outlet settings in the Management Portal. Your chosen time will be added to your prep time, and all table service orders will automatically complete after this time. For example if your prep is set to 20 minutes, and you set your table service auto complete to 10 minutes, then your table service orders will automatically complete after 30 minutes.

  • RED-2629 Added order and delivery notes to customer order view on the ordering website.

  • RED-2896 Added launch date as a field on marketplace setting in management for reporting purposes.

  • RED-2932 Added a list of dynamic email template variables to the transactional email builder.

  • RED-2898 Added competitor label and percentage to marketplace financial fields in management, to support future invoicing feature.

5.1.4 Maintenance 11 May 2021 


This release includes some minor fixes to the marketing feature, improvements to the process for resolving incorrectly reported payments, and a resolution to an issue with order accept which was impacting terminal behaviour.

  • RED-2872 Improved process for resolving for incorrectly reported payments.

  • RED-2732 Resolved issue with order accept which impacted terminal behaviour.

  • RED-2925 Resolved issue with email theme colour picker.

  • RED-2930 Resolved issue with management portal terminals alarm.

  • RED-2743 Resolved issue with marketing email footer in mobile view.

5.1.3 Maintenance 07 May 2021 


This release includes many small issue fixes to the marketing feature, small fixes to the ordering website and improvements to the management portal.

  • RED-2610 Improved checkout validation errors on ordering website.

  • RED-2883 Resolved issue with email theme footer repeating. 

  • RED-2886 RED-2891 RED-2906 Other small email theme fixes, including links in preview text and colour changes.

  • RED-2870 Resolved issue with campaign estimates for push notifications.

  • RED-2899  Added VAT to merchant fixed charges if marketplace is VAT registered and reported gross value correctly in payouts report.

  • RED-2269 Restored discount flag on ordering website.

  • RED-2491 Resolved issue on ordering site when accessing menu page for an inactive outlet.

  • RED-2609  Added toggle to management so that order times can be viewed in exact time instead of relative time.

  • RED-2646  Added feature to mute a single terminal on the terminal report for 24 hours.

  • RED-2766 Updated push reviews to show sample data instead of placeholders.

  • RED-2768 Resolved issue with double line on ordering website menu view.

  • RED-2784 Added details of delivery network to database for later reporting.

  • RED-2834 Updated creation of polygon delivery zones so that they cannot be created without a polygon.

  • RED-2885 Updated restaurant user creation modal to make it easier to find restaurants in the menu.

  • RED-2890 Disabled campaign editing while the campaign is sending.

5.1.2 Services 28 Apr 2021 


This release includes the option to subsidise Stuart delivery price at restaurant level, and some additional footer content for marketing and transactional emails.

  • RED-2830  New feature to enable Stuart delivery prices to be subsidised at Restaurant level. This overrides any Marketplace subsidy.

  • RED-2852 Delivery subsidy details added to outlet delivery zones list.

  • RED-2847 Marketplace address and links to Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy added to email footer.

5.1.1 Services 22 Apr 2021 


This release includes new financial overrides at restaurant level so that you can set custom charges per restaurant, including custom customer charges. Ordering apps will require an update to work with these fixed charges overrides.

  • RED-2512 Marketing feature now warns you if you are sending a push notification is linked to a closed outlet.

  • RED-2805 Resolved issue with custom tariffs on Stuart delivery networks.

  • RED-2807 Marketing preferences link added to marketing email template.

  • RED-2810 Updated how we calculate distances for subsidised delivery.

  • RED-2832  Added column to sales by outlet report to show number and value of table service orders.

  • RED-2811  Added column to payouts report to show merchant fixed charges.

  • RED-2833  New feature to override all financial settings at Restaurant level.

  • RED-2842 Updated ordering website so that customer charge overrides apply at checkout.

  • RED-2829 Resolved issue with delivery zones so that price is saved correctly.

  • RED-2343 Updated postcode input on ordering website to covert lower case inputs into upper case.

  • RED-2823 Added radius settings to Stuart delivery zones.

  • RED-2715 Added alignment options for text, headings and buttons in email builder.

  • RED-2647 Updated the message that sometimes shows on ordering site when under maintenance.

  • RED-2758 RED-2757 RED-2753 RED-2585 RED-2139 RED-2121 RED-2115 RED-2845 RED-2839 RED-2770 Many small fixes to the management portal.

5.1 Services 13 Apr 2021 


This release includes new financial settings so that a different commission structure and customer charge can be set for table service orders. This release also includes email templates for transactional and marketing emails, and the option to subsidise Autocab and Stuart network delivery prices. 

  • RED-2773 RED-2763 RED-1777  New financial settings that enable a separate commission model and customer charge for table service orders. Plus new financial settings that enables an optional fixed fee to be charged to the merchant for all order types.

  • RED-2805 RED-2810 RED-2789 RED-2699   New custom tariffs for Autocab and Stuart, which enables marketplaces to optionally subsidise delivery prices.

  • RED-2543New delivery network settings which enable you to set who should receive the network delivery cost so that the network can be paid. By default Autocab pays to out the marketplace and Stuart pays out to the merchant.

  • RED-2811 RED-2783 RED-2806 Additional columns on the payouts report to track network delivery payouts, subsidies and fixed merchant charges.

  • RED-2781 RED-2493 RED-2735  Email templates for marketing and transactional emails, including a template builder, layout options and a preview. To set your main theme go to 'Email Theme' in your marketplace settings. A default theme has been provided.

  • RED-2493  Push notifications preview for transactional and marketing push.

  • RED-2574 Resolved issue with re-ordering some collection orders.

  • RED-2584 Marketplace owners can now archive customers.

  • RED-2672 Typo fix for Vegetarian website menu label.

  • RED-2331 Paginated orders on customer orders view.

  • RED-2657 Added data for email open rates on marketing dashboard.

  • RED-2112 Improved customer journey when customer using featured outlet on website.

  • RED-2511  Added ability to have multiple segment groups in one segment. Plus resolved issue with campaign estimates in marketing feature.

  • RED-2598 Marketplace Owners can now enable promoted restaurants website feature.

  • RED-2319  Added restaurant filtering in management. Filter by partner, tags, active, promoted, VAT.

  • RED-2570 Resolved issue with menu fulfillments types in menu editor.

  • RED-2736 RED-2320 Pagination added to many areas of management, including marketplaces, marketing, campaigns and segments.

  • RED-2655 Search added to marketplaces on management.

  • RED-2563  Dark mode now available on management portal.

5.0.8 Services 23 Feb 2021 


This release includes a new terminal monitoring feature to enable you to easily identify which terminals may need your attention. Some small issues with web, management, the marketing feature and our integrations were also resolved in this release.

  • RED-2264  New terminal monitoring feature in the Management Portal which enables you to easily see which terminals may need attention as they have been offline for a while. This report shows any terminals where the outlet should be open now, but the terminal has not reported in recently. It also displays terminals which have not reported in recently but the outlet is set to 'online' in case you are combining online status with a physical terminal. You can locate this report by going to the terminals list and changing the dropdown to 'Offline Terminals'.

  • RED-2251 Resolved issue with the reordering of menu options in the Management Portal, changes to the order are now reflected in the user interface.

  • RED-2250 Resolved issue with required options on the ordering website.

  • RED-2248 Resolved issue with optional options wording on the ordering website.

  • RED-2476 Resolved issue with some pre-order time slots failing validation.

  • RED-2556 RED-2551 RED-2525 RED-2522 RED-2521 RED-2520 RED-2519 RED-2513 Updates to the marketing feature to resolve issues with total order segment and to add a 'contains' filter for use with the email and postcode segments. Plus some smaller fixes to the dashboard and segments.

  • RED-2514  Marketing campaigns can now be scheduled in the future.

  • RED-2480 Further minor fixes to the Stuart integration.

  • RED-2494 RED-2170 Further minor fixes to the AutoCab integration.

  • RED-2143 Resolved issue with Featured Outlets section of ordering website (do not enable this feature until we have tested it this Sunday).

5.0.7 Services 11 Feb 2021 


The most important update in this release is the removal of postcodes in website URLs for postcode ordering sites, so you can now link directly to an outlets web page. This release resolved some small issues with AutoCab taxi integration and the Stuart integration, and included some important updates to permissions and segments for the new marketing feature.

  • RED-2286 Removed postcode in ordering website URLs, so you can now link directly to an outlets ordering webpage. Old URLs redirect to the new URLs.

  • RED-2501  Added new segments for order date, order number and email address to marketing feature. Improved the segment filters for order date and number of orders.

  • RED-2427  New marketing segment for active and inactive customers.

  • RED-2427 Resolved issues with Marketing feature permissions for users with multiple marketplaces.

  • RED-2477 RED-2478 RED-2479 Minor fixes to Stuart integration following our live testing, which included fixes for rider name and VAT.

  • RED-2171 Fixes to AutoCab integration to cancel the taxi booking if the restaurant cancels the order.

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