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Business Menus

Menus are used to display all the items a business and its associated outlets have to offer. Each menu can be configured according to fulfilment (delivery, collection and table), a scheduled date range, for example, to facilitate a Christmas Menu, Or the availability of a menu, for example, to only show specific menus for lunchtime and another for dinner times.

Navigating to Menu as a Business User:

Go to Businesses → select a business → Menu

Ways to View the Menu

  • Column - the top menu is on the first list, and when a top menu is clicked, the menu items display in the next column in a list. By default, this view will initially display.

  • Tree - the top menu is displayed with all the menu items below as a list.

Adding a Menu

Click the ‘Add Menu’ Button at the top right. Configure your menu as follows:

  • Name

  • Description (Optional)

  • Add-On-Sale Menu (Optional) - by enabling, this menu will be the Add-On-Sale menu

  • Fulfilment - by default is set to all fulfilment options (Delivery, Collection and Table).

  • Menu Availability Date Range (Optional) - Set the date range of when this menu will be available, for example for the Christmas period only.

  • Please select the availability time for this menu - By default this will be set to all day every day, this can be set to be available at specific times, for example, lunch times every weekday.

Once you have configured the menu, click Save.

Adding a Menu Item

Click on the menu to which you would like to add menu items to. Click the ‘+ Add Item’ button. Add a menu item name and price. Click ‘Create’

Configure your menu items as follows:

  • Item Name

  • Description (Optional)

  • Pricing

    • Gross Item Price (Required)

    • Cost Price (Optional)

    • Minimum Purchase Price (Optional) - Used in conjuction with Add-On-Sale Menu items

  • Flags (Optional)

    • Dietry Information

      • Vegan

      • Vegaterian

      • Diary Free

      • Gluten Free

    • Is the item age restriction?

    • Is this item a bulky item?

  • Images (Optional)

    • Thumbnail - this will be the menu item image

    • Featured Images

  • Stock Control (Optional)

    • Hidden - hide the menu item

    • Sold Out

    • SKU

    • UPC

  • Item Options

    • Add an option

    • Create an option

Once you have configured the menu item, click Save.

Adding a Sub Menu

Sub-Menus are a way to have a main menu and multiple sub-menus, for example, Beverages (Main menu) with Soft Drinks (Sub menu), Wine (Sub menu), and Beer (Sub menu).

  • Click the ‘Add Menu’ button at the top right, configure the menu and click Save

  • Click the menu which you would like to add a sub-menu to. Click the three dots and select ‘Add Sub-Menu’ button.

  • Configure the sub menu (See Adding a Menu) and click Save.

  • Once all of the sub menus have been created, add the required menu items (See Adding a Menu Item).

Editing a Menu or Sub Menu

Click the three dots on the menu/sub-menu, from this drop down you can:

  • Edit/Schedule - The Edit Menu/Sub-Menu will open.

  • Fulfilment - Update the fulfilments for the menu/sub-menu.

  • Delete - Delete the menu and its accompany sub-menus and menu items.

  • Sort

    • Move Up

    • Move Down

Editing Menu Items

Click the menu item, it will open the Edit Menu Item screen.

Previewing the Menus

Click the Web Preview button, this will open a new browser window, the menus will be displayed as they will when the menu is live. By default this will display only the Delivery menus.

Moving the Position of Menus, Sub-Menus, and Menu Items

Column view:
Each menu, sub-menu and menu item can be moved within the list. Next to each menu, sub-menu and menu item there are three dots. Click the three dots, under Sort, select either ‘Move up’ or ‘Move down’.

Tree view:
Each menu, sub menu and menu item can be moved within the list. Each one can be moved by using the drag and drop method (click and hold the menu/sub-menu/menu item, and move it to the desired position).

Deleting a Menu or Sub Menu

Click the three dots on the menu/sub-menu, from the drop down, click delete. Deleting a menu will delete all the accompanying sub-menus and menu items.

Deleting a Menu Item

Locate the menu item you would like to delete. Open the Edit Menu Item screen, click the Delete button.

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