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App Center, Apple and Google

Why can't I see my Apple API key to download it?

The Apple API key cannot be downloaded using a mobile device. Please use a computer or laptop. See Create Apple and Google API Key guide for more information.

Why can't I download apps from App Center on my iOS device?

All iOS devices need to be registered on the App Center before being used for testing. Please see our Creating an App Center Account guide - How to add a device.

I am sending my app to the Google Store, but is showing in Redbox as Failed, what should I do?

If this is your first time sending your app to the Google Store, we expect it to fail. See the guide on Submitting apps to the Apple and Google Stores - Submitting a new app to Google's Play Store (First time submission).

However, if this is not the first time you have sent the app to Google's Play Store and it is showing a failed status, please contact your Product Specialist.

My Production Specialist has invited me to Google Analytics, but I have not yet received the email invite?

Not to worry, if you have not received the email invite, log in to Google Analytics using your Google email your Product Specialist used to invite you. Once logged in, you will find that the access has already been granted.

I get an ‘Unable to install - This app cannot be installed because its integrity could not be verified’ error when I attempt to install/open an app from the App Center. What should I do?

This could be for a couple of reasons.

  1. Your device has not been provisioned (iOS devices only). See our Creating an App Center Account guide for more information on adding your device to the App Center.

  2. A previous version of the app is conflicting with the new version of the app you are attempting to download. Delete the current app from your device and download the app again from the App Center.

  3. The build on App Center is no longer supported. Delete the current app from your device. Navigate to the Redbox Management Portal and proceed to send a new build to the App Center. Download the app once the new build is available in the App Center. See our Testing an app - App Center guide for more information on sending new builds from the Redbox Management Portal.

If the above has not resolved the issue, please contact your Product Specialist for further assistance.

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